Wednesday, January 1, 2020

[Exchange Program] Inha University – Inha Summer School 2020, South Korea

Founded in 1954 to fulfill the dearest wish of empowering and bringing prosperity to the nation, Inha University stands for the Ideals of building students’ characters, searching for the truth and serving society in order to embody the University’s founding principles of creativity, diligence and service.

The University has produced highly talented graduates who have contributed to the development and modernization of Korea for the last half century. Needless to say, Inha University continues its educational and research endeavors, the two most important responsibilities of a university. Looking toward the future, Inha is now concentrating all its efforts to become a world class university, while continuing to contribute to the development of the local community.

We are pleased to inform that the admission for the Inha Summer School 2020 is now open.

  • The scholarships are subject to change without prior notice. It is Inha Univ. that has the final say in selecting the recipients.
  • Students are NOT eligible to receive more than one scholarship.
Partner University ScholarshipStudents enrolled in Inha's partner universities20% discount of tuition
Early Bird ScholarshipStudent who complete online application and payment before March 29, 201925% discount of tuition
Group application from a UniversityWhen there are 10 students or more from one university, each student can get 30% discount of their tuition.30% discount of tuition

※ For the list of our partner universities, click here .


Inha Summer School is open to all students who are currently enrolled in a university.

How to Apply:
  • Complete Online Application Form ( )
    * The online application system will be open soon.
  • If you are not from one of the partner universities:
    Please send us an original copy of your transcript via e-mail or airmail or fax by April 24th (Fri) .
  • Complete payment before April 30th 2020 (Thurs).
※ For the list of our partner universities, click here .

Online Application (Online Application for 2020 Summer School will open during late Janurary!)

30 April 2020


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