Monday, February 24, 2020

BIPA - Indonesian for Foreign Speakers Program 2021

Language Development and Development Agency, Ministry of Education and Culture invited BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing) instructors in Indonesia to participate as ambassadors of the country's language in conducting language diplomacy through BIPA teaching and other language activities abroad. This selection is held for the term of service in 2021.

  • An Indonesian Citizen.
  • Aged between 24 and 50 years on April 1, 2020.
  • Minimum education of S1 (open for all majors, but preferably majoring in language and literature, both educational and non-educational).
  • Physically and mentally healthy (evidenced by a Health Certificate from a government doctor).
  • Proficient in Indonesian, both oral and written (as evidenced by the Indonesian Language Proficiency Test certificate).
  • Having experience in teaching Indonesian to foreign speakers.
  • Good behavior and have never been involved in criminal acts, immoral acts and drug abuse (as evidenced by the Police Registration Certificate (SKCK) and Drug Free Certificate from the Government Hospital).
  • Not currently studying, getting a scholarship, and / or undergoing post-study obligations or obligations as prospective employees in 2021.
  • Proficient in certain foreign languages ​​according to needs in the target country (evidenced by a certificate of foreign language proficiency).
  • Get permission and recommendations from the direct supervisor (for those who work in government or private institutions).
  • Get recommendations on experience teaching BIPA from the leadership of BIPA program organizers, BIPA senior instructors, or BIPA learners.
  • Having a positive and comprehensive insight about Indonesia.
  • Adept at utilizing information and communication technology.
  • Able to carry out research.
  • Have sufficient ability in diplomacy and communication.
  • Having skills in traditional and / or contemporary Indonesian art.
  • Willing to be assigned to the target country at the specified time.
  • Have no family relations with the selection committee.

Specific Requirement:

In addition to the general requirements mentioned above, applicants must also fulfill specific requirements according to the choice of the target country. Each applicant can list a maximum of 3 (three) choices of the target country by considering the specific requirements as follows.

How to Apply:
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