Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Turkey Youth Camp Exchange Program 2020 Ministry of Youth & Sports, Turkey (Fully Funded)

Topluluk International Youth Camp lığı program is organized every year for the young people living abroad with the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Relative Communities and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The program, which will be held in Canakkale Eceabat Youth Guest House, is open to all young people aged 18-23, who live abroad.

Youth Camp participation is free and the future of Turkey Overseas round-trip transportation expenses of overseas participants will be supported by the Turks and Related Communities Presidency.

Camp Dates

  • Girl group between 07-12 April 2020,
  • Boys group between 13-18 April 2020
  • Note: Girl camp entrance date will be 7 April and boys camp entrance date will be 13 April.

  • Turkish Youth Camp is free to attend and abroad to come to Turkey from abroad. This is Free exchange programs. The Following Expenses will be Covered for the participants by the will be covered by the Ministry of Youth and Sports
    • Domestic Transfer
    • Accommodation
    • Food needs of the participants.
    • Airfare Travel Expenses (flights) will be supported by the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities.
    • Cultural & Camp Activites

    • Owning a citizen of the Republic of Turkey or Blue Card,
    • To live abroad,
    • Being between the ages of 18-23 (born in 1997-2002),
    • Not participating in Youth Camps before.
    • The campers will not be accepted, except for the specified conditions.
    • Applications will be received between 7-27 March 2020.

    How to Apply:
    Please visit HERE for applying

    31 March 2020

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