Saturday, May 2, 2020

INLEAD : Young Innovative Digital Leader Training 2020 For Indonesian

KOMA Indonesia and Meetscholar intend to hold InLead: Young Innovative Digital Leader Training with the theme of Creative Leadership for Innovative Impact. This activity intends to train and print young generation candidates who have the ability of leadership and thinking that are solutive and innovative in dealing with the latest issues and have a high level of spirit in the era of advancement in digital technology.

In this program at the same time an open donation was held to handle the Covid-19 pandemic that occurred in Indonesia. Every participant who will register is required to donate sincerely voluntarily. Collected donations will be used to help provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical staff, border post teams and victims of Covid-19 infection or patients in quarantine in need. This activity will be held for 8 days (1 day 2 resource persons) with a gap of 1 day. The implementation system is a webinar via YouTube. It is hoped that this activity will be able to prepare young people with a high leadership and sensitivity to be more actively innovating.
Creative Leadership for Innovation Impact 

  • Valuable digital leadership skills knowledge
  • Certificate
  • The profile/project of best 9 participants will be posted on Instagram official accounts of the organizer
  • The best participant will also recognize as a Meetscholar Fellow and get access to mentorship with Meetscholar’s mentor
  • The profile/project of the main best participants will be published on Meetscholar’s website
  • Opportunity to participate in writing “young leader anthology” with KOMA x Meetscholar entitled “Narasi Calon Pemimpin Muda”

  • Indonesian young generation aged 15 - 35 years
  • High commitment and loyalty to participate in the INLEAD2020 series of activities from beginning to end
  • You must follow the Instagram account and
  • Upload Twibon and tag accounts @ and @meetscholar and 5 of your friends. Here is the INLEAD2020 twibbon link:
  • Voluntary donation as a form of caring for others through Mandiri Syariah accounts (bank code: 451) with No. Rek. 7134065006 a.n Utari Akhir Gusti. Please confirm the transfer of donations to + 62823-8735-6996 (Utari Akhir Gusti). NOT FORCED TO DONATE. If generous please donate.

05 May 2020

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