Saturday, June 27, 2020

Bali WISE: Hospitality & Tourism Training Scholarships in Bali 2020 (For Indonesian), Indonesia

The six-months program provides a Basic Life Skills and a Vocational Training term; each of three months duration.

The first term teaches the students basic hospitality skills, improves their English and educates them around topics such as women’s and reproductive health, family planning and confidence building.
Having successfully completed this course, the students are ready to enter the second and final phase; three months practical job training in partnering hotels, spa academies, tour & travel agencies etc.

Upon completion, our Bali WISE graduates are ready to enter the job market as top-skilled employees who have the best chances to find safe and quality employment.

Until 2018, Bali WISE has successfully educated 1440 young women who are empowered and educated enough to break the(ir) poverty cycle and as role models have positive influence on their communities.

With up to 7 million young women in need across Indonesia, we aim to give as much a helping hand in breaking the cycle of poverty as possible.

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Facilities /Benefit:
  • The facilities of the Bali WISE campus include two classrooms, an IT library, yoga/dance area, two dormitories, kitchen, eating area, toilets and shower blocks.
    • All students are given 
    • free accommodation, 
    • 3 meals per day, uniforms and study books, transport and more. 
    • Also, they receive an expense allowance. (As most women Indonesia, our students are under great pressure to get out to work and send money home to their poor families. An expense allowance enables the students to focus on studying and gaining skills without this family pressure.) 

  • Women aged 17-24 years
  • Unable to continue studying
  • Minimum high school / equivalent education
  • Diligent and highly motivated
  • Do not have special skills
  • Not working or working with poor working conditions / minimum wages.
  • Complete the registration form Online or Offline by including KTP, KK, Diploma. and Certificate of Inability
  • Take an English and Essay test provided by Bali WISE

How to Apply:
Please click HERE for applying

Bali WISE Scholarships are held 4 times in 1 year:
  • Wave 1: January - July
  • Wave 2: April - October
  • Wave 3: July - January
  • Wave 4: October - April
Students can start registering two months before the program is carried out in each wave. 

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