Friday, June 19, 2020

[Master Degree] Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation Scholarship 2020 at Kyushu University, Japan (Fully Funded)

The objectives of K. MATSUSHITA FOUNDATION’s Award and Grant Programs are: “To contribute to international society by promoting mutual understanding between Japan and other countries” and “To create a society where mankind live in harmony with nature.” KMMF Scholarship program provides support to international students who conduct research related to these areas.


  • Living allowance: 120,000 yen per month
  • Entrance fee : amount students are requested to pay (282,000 yen for students of national universities, up to 300,000 yen for students of private universities
  • Tuition fee : amount students are requested to pay (535,000 yen / year for students of national universities, up to 600,000 yen / year for students of private universities
  • Travel expense : fixed amount equivalent of economy-class air ticket to and from Japan* (*for those who live outside Japan only)

  • Students with excellent academic performance who conduct research related to either or both of the followings:
    • Mutual understanding between Japan and other countries
    • Coexistence of mankind and nature
  • International Students* from countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America who will start Master’s program in Japanese universities in fall 2020 (including those who already study in Japan as bachelor or research students)
    • "Asia" includes West Asia (*1) ,Central Asia (*2) , and Mongolia as north end and Indonesia as south end.
      • (*1) Six countries in Arabian Peninsula, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, and Cyprus
      • (*2) Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan
    • "Africa" includes countries in African continent and surrounding islands. "Latin America" includes countries south of Mexico (including Caribbean countries).
    • * International students are designated as those students who possess a “Student” status of residence, according to the Immigration LAW. If the student changes his/her status of residence from “Student” to another one, he/she will lose eligibility for receiving KMMF scholarship.
  • Students who are in need of financial support to study in Japan and do not receive scholarship from other organizations
  • Students who do not receive salary or reward from any company or organization
  • Students who can participate in all the official events the Foundation holds a few times a year
  • Students who are willing to follow KMMF scholarship rules, take active part in the events held by KMMF and deepen exchanges with fellow scholars.
  • Japanese language skill is not essential but the level equivalent of JLPT N3 or above is preferable. 
Obligations of scholarship recipients
  • A recipient must submit a pledge to KMMF at the start of the scholarship program
  • A recipient must follow the regulations specified in “KMMF Scholarship Rules,” which include:
    • Submitting a report on present situation quarterly
    • Attending the official events held by KMMF including Scholarship Awards Ceremony, Achievement Ceremony, Overnight Seminar (once or twice a year),
  • One-on-one interview with KMMF (once a year) , etc.
  • (*Travel & accommodation fees to attend the official events will be paid by KMMF.)
    • Prohibition of part-time work
    • Obtaining prior consent from KMMF when leaving Japan temporarily
      *Cumulative days to stay outside Japan for private reasons should be within 30 days during one academic year.

How to Apply:
  • The university nomination is firstly held. Regarding the deadline of application, be sure to confirm at your Student Affairs Division.
  • The applicants need to conduct research related to either or both of 
    • (1)Mutual understanding between Japan and other countries, (
    • 2)Coexistance of mankind and nature.
  • Only the Master couse whose expiration of term of study is 2 years is eligible.
  • The successful scholars need to attend some events held by the foundation.
  • JLPT N3 holders are desired.

Early July 2020


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