Thursday, July 9, 2020

[Master and PhD Degree] Toyohashi University of Technology MEXT Scholarship 2021 (Embassy Recommendation, Research Students), Japan (Fully Funded)

Japanese Embassies and Consulate Generals (hearinafter referred to "Japanese diplomatic missions") recruit students for Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship by request from Japanese Government (MEXT). Since details such as application periods and qualifications differ by countries, please check information from the Japanese diplomatic mission in your country.
Please refer to the following website.
Please note that the following is the information only for those who have passed the preliminary screening stage by the Japanese diplomatic mission.
    • Application for October 2021 intake will be available.
    • Please be aware that we will not accept any MEXT scholarship research students for spring semester (arriving in April) in AY 2021.
    • When enrolling in TUT, your status will be either Non-Regular Student(Research Student) or Regular-Student (International Master's/Doctoral Degree Student). Please be sure that you must pass the entrance examination of TUT to enroll in the master's or doctoral program.
      Please read the following procedures and inquiries to the International Affairs Division Office if you have applied for the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship for 2021 (Research Student), successfully passed the preliminary screening at the Japanese diplomatic mission in your country, and also wish to study in TUT.

      Applications for 2021 academic year should be submitted to us by Friday, November 20, 2020 (Japan Standard Time). Please note that it usually takes some time to issue a letter of acceptance from TUT.
      Hence, we highly recommend you contact us as soon as possible after passing the preliminary screening by the Japanese diplomatic mission.

      We also would like to ask you to clearly tell us that you are the applicant for the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship (Embassy recommendation) for 2021 and you have already passed the preliminary screening when making an inquiry for us.

      How to Apply for the "Letter of Provisional Acceptance" in TUT
      Required Documents:
      • Copy of a Passing Certificate of the Preliminary Screening issued by the Japanese diplomatic mission
      • Your CV
      • A set of copies of the following documents submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission among the "9. APPLICATION DOCUMENTS" that have been stamped by the Japanese diplomatic mission and returned to the applicants
        • Application Form
        • Field of Study and Research Plan
        • Academic transcript for all academic year of university attended
        • Certificate of graduation or degree certificate of the university attended
        • Recommendation letter from the president/dean or the academic advisor of the university graduated from or the university currently attending
        • Abstracts of theses (*Only if submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission)
        • Certificate of language proficiency (*Only if submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission)
        • Recommendation letter from the present employer (*Only if submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission)

      *Do not submit "Placement Preference Application Form" and "Medical Certificate" to the university.

      • The number of universities which can be filled in the ②Placement Preference Application Form is up to three universities. The applicants, however, obtain up to a maximum of two letters of provisional acceptance. Do not obtain more than two letters of provisional acceptance.
      • Applicants can contact up to a maximum of two universities at the same time. Do not contact more than two universities at the same time. If, however, they have received a rejection from one of the universities and thus they have been waiting for reply from less than two universities, then they can newly contact another university for request a letter of provisional acceptance.

      • Before applying for the "Letter of Acceptance" in TUT, we highly recommend you to collect information of our academic supervisors and department information carefully so that you could learn what you want as possible as you could, after enrolling in TUT. Please understand that we might not be able to meet your request, depending on the situation.
      • Please kindly keep in mind that the process of your documents evaluation at our university will take certain period of time.
      • Be sure to contact us well in advance, considering the deadline of Japanese diplomatic missions.
      • We will send "Letter of Provisional Acceptance for 2021" by electronic media (PDF files) if you could pass our internal screening.
      • In case that you cannot pass our internal screening, we would like to inform you by email. Any objections to the decision on the internal screening will not be accepted.

      For inquiries, please contact
      International Student Section, International Affairs Division
      Toyohashi University of Technology
      1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku, Toyohashi, 441-8580, Japan
      *Please add "" at the end of the email address.

      *In the event of any discrepancy between the English version and the Japanese version of the terms of the Application Guidelines, the Japanese version shall prevail.

      Friday, November 20, 2020 (Japan Standard Time)