Thursday, July 23, 2020

Open Call for Submission: 2020 CM X Reality, South Korea

The 5th NCM OPEN CALL is collaborating with SK Telecom.

<NCM OPEN CALL> is an open contest that encompasses every innovative and challenging interpretation of virtual and augmented reality. It has become the first and most consistently operated virtual reality contest in Korea, which has been explored the fine contents filled with fresh attempts by using VR·AR for the past 5 years. In this year, with the participation of SK Telecom, we aim to provide more diverse opportunities to promising developers and artists.

‘V REALITY’ includes various meanings.

‘V’ means virtual, number 5 etc. and at the same time, it reminds us an inverted penrose triangle. The Penrose triangle is a virtual image that exists only in two dimensions, and it means the overlap of virtual and reality that is continuously connected and mixed. It encompasses all sorts of innovative and challenging interpretations of the new media called virtual reality, extending the boundaries of reality and crossing the realm of imagination into reality.

<NCM OPEN CALL X Reality> is an open contest.

There are no special qualifications or restrictions, as it has been the case in the past four years. Any content that deals with VR, AR, and MR can apply to anyone regardless of nationality, age, gender, or history, without limitation of platform, genre, or subject. Priority is given to ideas and planning that can expand the boundaries of thinking and emotion rather than sophisticated technology.

Total prize of 22 million won with business opportunity and various benefits.

The grand award for the most amazing and innovative virtual world will be awarded with a prize of 10 million won, 5 million won to the SK Telecom Special Award and 1st prize team and 1 million won to the each two 2nd prize teams. SK Telecom's VR and AR experts will participate in the evaluating process to support commercialization. In addition, this year, Oculus Go will be awarded to all teams that have passed the first round. The application period is from July 1 to September 15 of this year.

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Total 22 million KRW
  • Grand Award (1) : 10 million KRW
  • SK Telecom Special Award (1) : 5 million KRW
  • Best Award (1) : 5 million KRW
  • Excellence Award (2) : 1 million KRW
* Oculus Go will be awarded to all teams that have passed the 1st round
* Award details can be adjusted when no qualified entry is decided


  • Accepts any person or group that creates XR contents, such as VR, AR or MR.
  • There is no limitation on platform, genre, or theme, and submission is received regardless of the applicants’ nationality, age, gender, or field experiences.

Submission Requirements
  • Application form including applicant(individual/group) introduction, project proposal, development period and future plan
    • Apply here 
    • If you are intend to submit such an additional document regarding the project information, please submit via email.
  • Demo video file & Playable build file
    • e-mail :
    • Not necessary for video contents without interaction 

Terms and Conditions
    • All Documents or items will not be returned when once submitted.
    • The copyright of the entry and all rights and responsibilities thereof shall be borne by the applicant (creator).
    • In such case of:
      • 1) Infringement of intellectual property rights of others by plagiarism or duplication
      • 2) False information written in documents such as an application form
      • 3) Submitted work concerned as defaming others
      • 4) Possibility of breaching the law, the work can be excluded from the screening or the winner and the prize can be revoked even after winning the award.
    • Awarded projects can be used as promotional materials and posted on the organizer's website without additional consent procedures.
    • The organizer has the obligation to observe the confidentiality and security measures of the entry, and it is possible to disclose and share the entry only with the consent of the applicant.
    • The music used in video production must be a sound source that is not in violation of copyright, and may be excluded from the awards when copyright infringement is concerned.
    • The prize money will be paid to the representative applicant in a lump sum, and the recipients of prizes are solely responsible for paying any and all applicable taxes related to the prizes.
    • Above terms and conditions can be adjusted depending on the circumstances.

      How to Apply:
      Please visit HERE for apply
      15 September 2020