Tuesday, June 18, 2019

[Diploma] Indonesian Palm Scholarship Selection 2019 (SNBSI) , Indonesia (Fully Funded)

The Indonesian palm oil industry in the future is projected to continue to grow. In 2030 Indonesia's CPO production is estimated at 60 million tons (Ministry of Agriculture, 2015).

Direct labor absorption on oil palm plantations reaches around 5.67 million and if calculated indirectly labor can reach up to 11 million households or equivalent to more than 44 million people.

Increasing productivity to produce Indonesian CPO production targets requires the role of professional and characterized human resources. Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDP) as an institution that concentrates in the field of HR development has again opened the Indonesian Palm Oil Scholarship for Vocational Education at the levels of D1, D3, and D4.

There are five selected campuses, including: 1) AKPY - STIPER (Yogyakarta); 2) Yogyakarta LPP Polytechnic; 3) Citra Widya Edukasi Polytechnic (Bekasi); 4) Kampar-Riau Polytechnic; and 5) College of Agriculture, Agribusiness, Agriculture (STIPAP) Medan.
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  • Transfer of PP to / from Campus
  • Cost of education
  • Dormitory / boarding room fees
  • Pocket money and book money
  • Competency certificate
  • Internships in Palm Oil Plantation Companies 


  • Participants register online on the website of the Association of Indonesian Palm Oil Education and Training Institutions (ALPENSION)
  • Childrens of farmers / planters, farm laborers / oil palm plantations as evidenced by a certificate from the village head known by RT and RW (Download Statement Form)
  • SMA / SMK / MA-equivalent graduates with graduation year 2017/2018/2019
  • Maximum age of 22 years when registering
  • Physical and spiritual health as evidenced by a certificate from the nearest health center / clinic / hospital

Document Requirement:

  • Photos of the latest size 3 × 4 (color)
  • FC KTP and or KK
  • Legalized FC Diploma / SKHUN (if not, can use a legalized Certificate of Pass)
  • Health Certificate from the nearest Puskesmas / Clinic / Hospital
  • The son / i certificate of the farmer / planter / oil palm farmer is proven by the statement of the Village Head known to the Chairperson of the RT and Chairperson of the RW

List of University:

Selection Produce:

  • Participants have 5 (five) study program choices with the provisions of 2 (two) D4 level options, 2 (two) D3 level options and 1 (one) D1 level option.
  • For each level, only one university is permitted.

How to Apply:
Please click HERE to apply

05 July 2019