Saturday, February 6, 2021

YSEALI Learn - Certified Free Online Course

These online courses provide access to tailor-made training videos on leadership, business and entrepreneurship, civic leadership, and public management featuring U.S. university professors and experts in their field.

These courses are available to take at any time individually or as part of a group. All courses are available in English.

Available Course:
  • Fundamentals of Starting and Running a Business
    • This course explains critical aspects of entrepreneurship, from the process of developing a business, to how to identify and expand in the marketplace, and how to pitch to new investors.
  • Fundamentals of Business Expansion
    • Learn how to raise capital and realize growth by using your business model to assess new markets and potential dates for expansion.
  • Community Organizing for Action
    • Grassroots campaigns and volunteers are essential to the success of most nongovernmental organizations involved in community development. Learn how to inspire and engage volunteers to be proactive in their communities and organize grassroots campaigns.
  • Creating and Maintaining Social Enterprises
    • Understand the best practices in developing non governmental organizations (NGOs) including partnering with the private sector and government, meeting the needs of a community, and effective youth advocacy.
  • Strategies for Personal Growth and Development
    • This course outlines the different ways you can develop your business, organization and personal skills
  • Fundraising Concepts
    • Examine the key principles of fundraising with instruction on creating and implementing strategic fundraising plans, designing and executing marketing and communication strategies, and the difference between fundraising for non-profit and for-profit organizations. 


How to Apply:
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These courses are available to take at any time individually or as part of a group. All courses are available in English. 

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