Thursday, November 22, 2018

E-Commerce Scholarship For International Student

The spark of MoArmouz was ignited in the innovative minds of Dr. Srucchi Goel and Mr. Gaurav Shdev, the proud founders of MoArmouz. Driven by an urge to revolutionize the digital world, the duo embarked on the journey to curate the best-in-class mobile accessories. Their dreams resonated with their enthusiasm and as a result, MoArmouz was born to deliver customer-oriented services in the electronics industry.
Every great journey has a humble beginning. The same is true for MoArmouz. Srucchi’s and Gaurav’s zeal led to the inception of MoArmouz in May 2014. The motive was to develop products that meet the customer’s requirement. In the process, MoArmouz incorporated customer’s thoughts and needs to create a suitable product. In addition to this, our technologically-driven approach catapulted our venture to the unprecedented levels.
Our first interaction with the customers was at the Select City Walk in Saket, New Delhi. We kick started our venture by selling tempered glass for the smartphones. We garnered a positive reputation as we always believe in quality. The standardization is one of the aspects that instigate us to create best-in-class tech products for our esteemed customers.

  • We only accept applicants who show proof that they are studying and enrolled in an accredited school/university. You must be at least seventeen years old to apply, so the ages are really open to just about anyone. The scholarship contest is considered as an international, so don't feel like your school/university might not be considered for its location. Moreover, Terms and conditions apply.
  • You should be enrolled in an accredited high school, college or university.
  • Applications are accepted until 28th of Feb 2019. Applications sent after the deadline is not eligible for the award. Winner will be selected and awarded on the 3rd of March 2019. However, those late submissions will be considered for next year application. Applications which are written in English will be considered.
  • If you have any problems with the terms and conditions or the eligibility requirements, please do not apply for the scholarship.
  • Based on the criteria our team will select the winner. Some of these criteria include the innovation, quality and extensiveness of the content submitted by you.

Required Documents:
  • An image copy or PDF of your current student ID (make sure it's not expired).
  • Personal information like the name in full, residential and telephone among others, the name of the school and your area of study.
  • A 600 words essay which answers the questions that we have mentioned above. The main point of the scholarship is to understand what type of ideas you have in terms of e-commerce development. We encourage you to get as descriptive as possible.
  • Please submit all of the documents in PDF form. We prefer formatting to be in Arial, 12-point font and double-spaced

$1,500 USD.

How to apply:
  • The applicants must write a 600 words essay on the following: Why is e-commerce good for the growth of the business? Tell us about the new business ideas that could cope well in the e-commerce world? How can these new ideas be beneficial to customers and make their life easier? Are you currently working on any idea that would ease the working of e-commerce professionals on daily basis?
  • Once you completed your work, please send it to the following email address:
  • Your submission should also include the following item on list of required documents

28th of Feb 2019

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