Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Fully Funded 3RD ASEAN Science Diplomats Assembly

The ASEAN Science Diplomats Assembly (SDA) is a five-day event designed to facilitate discussions between scientists and policymakers on their program and research priorities. and funding opportunities. The event will provide the scientists to engage with decision-makers from Executive and Legislative Branches to broaden participants’ perspective on how science and policy can interact to improve decision-making. The event will include small group discussions, interactive activities, one-on-one networking, skill-building in policy communication, and panels around a variety of topics as well as grant proposal and policy brief writing. 
The main objective of the ASEAN Science Diplomats Assembly (SDA) is to strengthen the integration of science and diplomacy for the benefit of the AMS strategic capacities, policy goals, and the development of solutions for societal challenges.

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  • Not more than 45 Years old
  • At least Masters degree
  • Track record in research

Required Documents:
  • Curriculum Vitae (10-page CV): Educational Background; Awards; Work Experiences; Publications and Conferences, Seminars, Forums
  • Photocopy/scanned copy of Passport
  • Essay (Maximum of 500 Words per essay); What is your role as a Science Diplomat: What will be your contributions in the ASEAN Science Diplomat Assembly?; What issue or concern in the ASEAN region that requires science-based policy solution?

  • To provide the ASEAN Science Diplomats the strategies in achieving global influence at the interface of science, technology and diplomacy. 
  • To train the Science Diplomats on how to use science diplomacy to influence policy.

How To Apply:
Please apply through This Link

January 31, 2019