Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Milyon Postdoctoral Positions for International Students at University of Lyon

The University of Lyon (French: Université de Lyon), located in Lyon and Saint-Étienne, France, is a center for higher education and research comprising 16 institutions of higher education. The three main universities in this center are: Claude Bernard University Lyon 1, which focuses upon health and science studies and has approximately 27,000 students; Lumière University Lyon 2, which focuses upon the social sciences and has about 30,000 students; Jean Moulin University Lyon 3, which focuses upon the law and humanities with about 20,000 students.
The new Milyon Postdoctoral Positions is now available on offer for the academic year 2019-2021. Applicants of all nationalities are eligible to apply for this position.
MILYON is a LabEx (Laboratoire d’Excellence), a center of Excellence, carried forward by the researchers in the fields of mathematics and theoretical computer science of the University of Lyon in the region of Lyon Saint-Etienne.

Candidates must have obtained a doctorate in Mathematics or fundamental Computer Science before October 1st, 2019.

Required Documents:
  • a curriculum vitae
  • a list of publications
  • a research projet
  • up to two letters of recommendation from researchers external to Lyon
  • a letter from the scientific advisor in Lyon (the application has to be supported by a researcher in one of the three units of the Labex Milyon)

  • Research positions with no teaching duty.
  • Two year contract.
  • Net salary: 2,179 €/month. Basic social security included.
  • 1,500 €/year allowance for work-related expenses.

How To Apply:
Please apply through This Link

January 8th, 2019

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