Saturday, November 24, 2018

New Freshman Scholarships in Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University (BYU, sometimes referred to colloquially as The Y) is a private, non-profit research university in Provo, Utah, United States completely owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and run under the auspices of its Church Educational System. Approximately 99 percent of the students are members of the LDS Church and one-third of its U.S. students are from Utah. The university's primary focus is on undergraduate education, but it also has 68 master's and 25 doctoral degree programs.
Students attending BYU agree to follow an honor code, which mandates behavior in line with LDS teachings such as academic honesty, adherence to dress and grooming standards, and abstinence from extramarital sex and from the consumption of drugs and alcohol. The university curriculum includes religious education, with required courses in, the Bible (KJV), LDS scripture, doctrine, and history, and the university sponsors weekly devotional assemblies with most speakers addressing religious topics. Many students (88 percent of men, 39 percent of women) either delay enrollment or take a hiatus from their studies to serve as LDS missionaries. An education at BYU is also less expensive than at similar private universities, since "a significant portion" of the cost of operating the university is subsidized by the church's tithing funds.

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  • Have strong commitment in academic
  • Be new incoming freshmen students an academic scholarship, or be prospective new freshmen for undergraduate scholarships
  • Obtain excellent high school GPA and highest composite ACT/SAT score

  • Nelson Scholarship, which is a total award of 150% of LDS tuition for eight semesters. Applicants should complete the essay portions of the regular scholarship application. 
  • As stipulated by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, the merit stipend would be $750 to $2000 annually, depending upon financial need. The Presidential Scholarship would supplement the annual National Merit stipend to provide the student with a total award of 150% of LDS tuition for eight semesters.
  • If a student is the winner in his/her category on the Regional (or final) Level, BYU offers them a full LDS tuition scholarship for two semesters.

How To Apply:
Please apply through This Link

For spring 2019 – December 15, 2018
For summer 2019 – December 15, 2018
For fall 2019 – December 15, 2018
For winter 2020 – August 1, 2019

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