Saturday, December 29, 2018

[Bachelor Degree] Economic Scholarship of Pertamina University For Indonesian Citizen 2019/2020, Indonesia

Submission of Pertamina University Economic Scholarship for academic year 2019/2020 is open to high school / equivalent graduates in 2019, 2018 and 2017 who register and pass the Pertamina University Entrance Examination for the period of January 2019 or March 2019 (Wave 1 and Wave 2), with academic achievements very good but HAVE ECONOMIC DIFFICULTY to attend and / or complete education at Pertamina University.

Scholarships are awarded for a maximum of 8 (eight) semester study periods with annual evaluations.

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Benefit:2019/2020 Economic UP Scholarship Type:
  • Type 1: 100% SPI Exemption and 100% SPP Exemption
  • Type 2: 100% SPI Exemption and 50% SPP Exemption 

Requirement and How to Apply:
  • Prospective students register for the Pertamina University Entrance Examination (UM-UP) for the period of January 2019 (Registration opens 10 December 2018) or Period March 2019 (Registration opens 21 January 2019).
  • Prospective Students carry out UM-UP payments through the designated bank to obtain the exam number.
  • Prospective students complete their personal data, choose a scholarship program and print an Entrance Examination card.
  • Prospective students who choose economic scholarship programs are welcome to download and complete the forms available on this page to then send them via email to address CC
     Document Required:
    • Scan (not photo) 2019/2020 Economic UP Scholarship Submission Form that has been completed and signed above the stamp of Rp. 6,000. The UP Economy Scholarship Submission Form can be downloaded at the very bottom of the Economic Scholarship Registration Procedure;
    • Scan (not a photo) of a Poor Certificate (SKM) or an Inadequate Certificate (SKTM) from the Kelurahan where the prospective student resides most recently (administered no more than three months before the scholarship proposal);
    • Scan (not photo) Family Card (KK);
    • Scan (not photo) prospective student ID / Student Card;
    • Scan (not photo) of both parents' ID cards;
    • Scan (not photos) 1-5 semester report cards that are legalized (save in one .pdf file);
    • Scan (not photo) Salary slip for the last 3 (three) months or a certificate of substitution for the pay slip (for parents who work as farmers, traders, or other professions with no monthly salary slips) issued by KELURAHAN where prospective students live; 
    • Scan (not photo) proof of payment of electricity bills for prospective student residence 3 (three) months before the Entrance Examination (proof of payment for electricity in October, November and December 2018 for UM participants for the January period, or proof of payment in December 2018, January and February 2019 for UM participants for the period of March 2019);
      * If the electricity in the residence of prospective students applying for economic scholarships is prepaid electricity (using tokens), please come to the nearest PLN office to print electricity usage in the required month. ** If prospective students applying for economic scholarships live in rented houses, where rent paid already includes payment of electricity, is permitted to request a statement of proof of proof of electricity bill payment in the local village.
    • Scan (not photo) of UN bills for prospective student residence in 2018;
      * If prospective students applying for economic scholarships live in homes that are not privately owned (rent or live with other families), please request a certificate of replacement for the UN bill from the local village.
    • Writing 4 (four) paragraphs consisting of not less than 600 (six hundred) words and no more than 1000 (one thousand) words with the theme "Why I Worth Getting Pertamina University Economic Scholarship.";
    • Scan (not photos) a maximum of three best achievement certificates (optional); and
    • Photograph of the front and center of the prospective student residence 

    19 January 2019

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