Friday, December 21, 2018

[Master Degree] Study Abroad in Toyoma Prefecture for Indonesian Citizen (Jellyfish Education), Japan (Fully Funded)

Japan is now becoming one of the developed countries and sustaining global economic power. In addition Japan also has one of the fairly large investors to invest in Indonesia. In recent years Japan began opening up to the international community to facilitate students from foreign countries to study in Japan.
As developed countries are doing business expansion into many Asian countries, including Indonesia, the Japanese communications opportunities are increasingly being used. Education in Japan is still using Japanese as the language of instruction even up to college level, though there are programs that use English as an introduction but still quite a bit. So that mastery of the language would facilitate a person to communicate for the purposes of the business and higher education.
Because it has enough challenges than any other language, Japanese must applied in everyday life. Excess studying Japanese language in its original country is to facilitate mastery of the language as a direct blend in with the natives.
Learn Japanese in Japan also helps shorten the duration required to be able to master the Japanese language better than studying outside Japan.

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  • Post-graduate education costs for 2 years
  • Travel costs from Indonesia to Toyama Prefecture, Japan (for one way)
  • An allowance of 170,000 YEN (around 21 million) per month
  • Officials work in Japan after graduation

  • Indonesian citizens and origin in Indonesia when registering
  • Born after April 2, 1993, physically and mentally healthy
  • Has lasted 16 years of education (SD-SMP-SMA-S1)
  • Bachelor degree (Electrical Engineering and Engineering Department) from the appropriate faculty from a University in Indonesia
  • good reputation, with GPA min 3.00
  • Has the ability in English
  • Willing to leave for Japan on the day specified by Governor of Toyama between September and October 2019
  • Willing to work in Japan in the long run

How to Apply:
Send CV along with a photocopy of diploma & transcript By email to: With Subject: TOYAMA SCHOLARSHIP

25 January 2019