Tuesday, December 11, 2018

[PhD Degree] Aberdeen Curtin Alliance PhD Scholarship in Australia, 2019 9Fully Funded)

Curtin University (formerly known as Curtin University of Technology and Western Australian Institute of Technology) is an Australian public research university based in Bentley and Perth, Western Australia. It is named after the 14th Prime Minister of Australia, John Curtin, and is the largest university in Western Australia, with over 58,000 students (as of 2016).Curtin was conferred university status after legislation was passed by the Parliament of Western Australia in 1986.
The Aberdeen-Curtin Alliance is offering Aberdeen Curtin Alliance PhD Scholarship to undertake a collaborative PhD in projects across a broad range of focus areas including energy and engineering, health and medicine, and business.

Curtin University is an Australian public research university based in Bentley, Perth, Western Australia. The university is named after the 14th Prime Minister of Australia, John Curtin, and is the largest university in Western Australia, with over 58,000 students.

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Students undertaking a collaborative PhD under the alliance are offered a seamless international experience as well as a fully funded scholarship with living stipend. You will spend time at each institution and will be supervised by both Aberdeen and Curtin research staff.
Living stipends will be awarded to the successful applicants. The living stipend is paid by the home institution when the student is studying at the home institution, and then by the host when the student is offshore at the host institution. The stipend rates are payable at the rate for each country. Curtin University will pay it’s stipend at the Australian Government RTP scholarship base rate of AU$27, 596.00 (2019) per annum. The University of Aberdeen will pay the UK Research and Innovation National Minimum Doctoral Stipend for 2018/19 of £14,777 per annum.
Field of Study:
The available PhD scholarships for 2019 are:
  • Theme: Energy
Area of Research: WASM: Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering
Project: Pore Scale Modelling of Multiphase Reactive Systems
Curtin Supervisor: Dr Ranjeet Utikar, Dr Monica Gumulya and Prof Victor Calo
Aberdeen Supervisor: Prof Jos Derksen

  • Theme: Energy
Research Area: Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Project: New Techniques/Technology/Devices for Wave Energy Extraction
Curtin Supervisor: Prof Ian Howard and Dr Andrew King
Aberdeen Supervisor: Prof Marian Wiercigroch and Dr Peter Dunning

  • Theme: Energy
Research Area: Environment
Project: The Implications of Renewable Energy for Sustainable Rural Development
Curtin Supervisor: A/Professor Amanda Davies
Aberdeen Supervisor: Dr Lorna Philip

  • Theme: Creative Arts
Research Area: Humanities
Project: Into the New World: Diaspora in Australian and Scottish Writing
Curtin Supervisor: Dr Rachel Robertson
Aberdeen Supervisor: Professor Alison Lumsden

  • Theme: Global Health
Research Area: Health Sciences
Project: Exploring health issues associated with rotation/FIFO work employing intensive longitudinal assessment methods.
Curtin Supervisor: Dr Dominika Kwasnicka and Professor Suzanne Robinson
Aberdeen Supervisor: Dr Daniel Powell 

How To Apply:Provide an Expression of Interest (EOI) reflecting your academic background in the area of study, and why you are interested in pursuing a PhD in this field. The EOI should be a maximum of 500 words that must include your name, your project of interest in addition to your academic background and suitability. It would be great to attach your CV/Resume with your EOI and send these two files in PDF format on email to ac-alliance@curtin.edu.au

10 January 2019