Sunday, December 23, 2018

[Phd Degree] Turkish Government Research Fellowship Program, Turkey (Open All Year Round)

Turkish Government Research Fellowship Program aims to encourage international researchers and academics to work with Turkish academics on collaborative researches in Turkey and contribute to the development of the international scientific interaction between researchers.

The scholarships are given throughout the year. The application windows are
January 1st- March 31st
April 1st- June 30th
July 1st- September 30th
October 1st- December 31st

This fellowship allows the scholars to conduct their work research at the top universities of Turkey. They will have the opportunity to get familiarized with the country’s magnificent heritage.

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A monthly stipend of 3.000 TL will be given.


  • Researches can be done on social sciences, humanities and sciences. Applicants are required to state the specific research topic in the application. However, research proposals that have been conducted previously by the applicant or the advisor will not be accepted.
  • The applicant must be under 45 years old as of application date (preferably),
  • PhD students must be enrolled at a university doctoral program abroad and being at the dissertation stage.
  • PhD diploma for PhD holders,
    • IF personal data will be collected with methods such as experiment, survey, focus group discussion, practice, having the “Ethics Committee Approval Certificate” from the Ethics Committee of the university;
    • IF a study will be carried out on historical monuments and archaeological sites with non-public information, documents from institutions and organizations, having “Legal Permit” taken from a related governmental institution 
Eligible Regions: Open for all.
How to Apply:
Please visit HERE to apply

30 Desember 2018 (first round)

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