Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) Mobility First Travel Grant 2019 for Artists & Cultural Professionals

Mobility First! - ASEF Cultural Mobility Initiative is the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)'s travel grant for artists and cultural professionals. Mobility First! supports a wide variety of activity types (workshop/training, conference/forum, festival/biennale, residencies, partnership meetings, research trips, short-term exploration/networking) with particular focus on these areas:
  • Skills transfer / knowledge exchange
  • Innovation in arts & culture
  • Local development
  • Art and social issues: the role of art & artists in society
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The grant amounts for 2019 are as follows:

Grant amounts (up to these maximum caps)
Asia to Europe and vice-versa SGD 2,000
Australia/New Zealand to Europe and vice-versa SGD 2,300
Russia to Europe and vice-versa SGD 1,000
Intra-Asia SGD 1,000
Additional funding is available for people with disabilities and special needs

Mobility First! accepts two types of applications from:
  • Individuals – artists/cultural professionals looking to participate in any of the eligible activity types (outgoing mobility)
  • Organisations – arts organisations applying for up to 5 artists/cultural professionals they want to invite to an activity they are organising
  • Mobility First! prioritises cultural mobility from Asia to Europe; from Europe to Asia; and, within Asia. All travel must be international. Eligible nationalities and destinations are Asia-Europe
Meeting (ASEM) partner countries:

Asia Europe
Australia Austria Poland
Bangladesh Belgium Portugal
Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Romania
Cambodia Croatia Slovakia
China Cyprus Slovenia
India Czech Republic Spain
Indonesia Denmark Sweden
Japan Estonia Switzerland
Kazakhstan Finland United Kingdom
Korea France
Lao PDR Germany
Malaysia Greece
Mongolia Hungary
Myanmar Ireland
New Zealand Italy
Pakistan Latvia
Philippines Lithuania
Russian Federation[1] Luxembourg
Singapore Malta
Thailand Netherlands
Viet Nam Norway

How to Apply:
  • Application form for individuals here.
  • Application form for arts organisations here.
Note: please ensure that you read the Application Guidelines and the Frequently Asked Questions on the Documents Section on the official website before you apply

15 June 2019