Tuesday, January 8, 2019

[Master Degree] Intrapreneurship Scholarship 2019 in Imperial College Business School, London

At Imperial, we are passionate about the power of innovative thinking – and we know that game-changing innovation is no longer the preserve of start-ups.

Companies of all sizes are increasingly seeking employees with an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to drive innovation from within an organisation, and we have long-recognised the value that intrapreneurs bring to our cohort by sharing their unique insights and real-world experience.

We are therefore delighted to offer a scholarship for Full-Time MBA candidates with a strong track record of intrapreneurship and the potential and ambition to drive future innovation. The recipient of the Intrapreneurship Scholarship will be expected to be a significant ambassador for the innovation community at Imperial, by sharing their experiences, contributing to existing programmes and creating new initiatives. We’ll also connect you to inspiring alumni innovators, so that you can learn from innovators in different fields.

Imperial is hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, with current initiatives including the Enterprise Lab – a dynamic physical space found under the library – that supports and fosters entrepreneurial activity; Touchstone Innovations – the technology transfer office for Imperial College London; Imperial College Advanced Hackspace, who focus on the ideation and prototyping of ideas; ACT Now, an incubator programme for social entrepreneurs; the Climate-KIC pre-incubation programme, and a range of other activities and competitions across the College.

If you wish to be considered for this scholarship, you should make sure you submit your MBA application by 15 March 2019.
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One award of £26,000 is available.


The scholarship will be awarded to applicants based on the following criteria:
  • A track record of being an innovator in your organisation. Examples include: participation in the ideation, design and launch of new products or services; championing new approaches to resolve problems; participation in or leadership of an initiative aimed at making the organisation more innovative.
  • An appreciation of the kind of organisational work required to garner top management support, build resources and create a narrative around your innovation in order to make it succeed.
  • A vision of an innovation that your future employer (or current organisation) should develop and launch, and the ambition to be the driver of this process.
  • A clear desire share your intrapreneurship experience with the Business School community and to contribute to innovation initiatives at the College.
  • Your responses to the scholarship questions, as outlined below.
  • Your performance during the admissions process, including your written application, interview performance and your professional references.

How to Apply : 
To be considered for this scholarship, you must have applied for the Full-Time MBA and submitted your answers to the questions below by 15 March 2019.
  • What does ‘intrapreneurship’ mean to you, and how have you demonstrated your intrapreneurial talent in your career to date?
  • How would you use the MBA to further your intrapreneurial ambitions?
Your answers can be submitted in the format of your choice (such as a written statement, PowerPoint presentation or video) either as part of your online application or via email by the 15 March 2019 deadline.
Shortlisted candidates may be invited to an additional interview before a final decision is made. 

15 March 2019