Wednesday, January 23, 2019

[Bachelor Degree] CBS Case Competition presents GLOBAL 2019

Since 2002 CBS Case Competition has brought together teams from around the world to compete in week 9, solving a real life business challenge and engaging in a variety of social and academic activities. In everything we do, we aim to connect people from various backgrounds, and facilitate a learning opportunity for those involved. This provides a framework focused on growing people in a collective manner. We are known to the corporate scene as a talent factory, and always look to provide learning for anyone joining our competition and events. We are proud of our history and have always sought to provide lifetime experiences for those we reach.
  • This year we are taking the competition global with GLOBAL 2019
  • Teams of four students will have 24 hours to solve a case, and their solutions will get individually tailored feedback
  • The top nine teams will proceed to the semi-final round
  • Finally, three teams will proceed to final round, taking place in Copenhagen
  • The team that wins GLOBAL 2019 will join INVITATIONAL 2019, which is one of the most prestigious case competitions in the world and takes place in week 9

With support from Industriens Fond, CBS Case Competition and Sustainbase has partnered up to bring the case competition experience into the global and digital era. We seek to make learning more available, no matter where you are in the World.

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  • Extraordinary learning experience rarely gained at the University;
  • Personalized feedback from management consultants;
  • The opportunity to take part in INVITATIONAL 2019, one of the most prestigious case competitions for undergraduate students in the world;
  • Participants will be able to test their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting;
  • Free sign up format for undergraduate case teams from across the globe.

For further information, please visit the official link.


A case team of four undergraduate students, who are still enrolled in their studies by the start of the competition.

Please download the Guideline and Rule HERE

How to Apply:
Please visit HERE for applying. You need to sign up for participating in the competition.

12 February 2019

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