Sunday, February 3, 2019

[Bachelor Degree] Technology, Arts & Design Scholarships at Telkom University (For Indonesian), Indonesia (Fully Funded)

Youthmanual with Telkom University work together in providing scholarships (tuition fees) for undergraduate programs especially in the fields of Technology and Art at Telkom University. This scholarship aims to empower and facilitate Indonesian students who want to continue their studies at the university level, especially in the fields of Technology, Arts and Visual.

This scholarship is intended for students who have the willingness to learn, have dreams, and have a great willingness to contribute to others to the country.

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  • Scholarships
    Students get full funding in the form of Telkom University Scholarships through Youthmanual to help you continue your studies to S1 study programs especially in the fields of Technology, Arts, and Visual.
  •  Certificate
    The selected students who get a scholarship will get an appreciation certificate sponsored by Youthmanual and Telkom University
  • Employment Opportunity
    Selected students get the opportunity to apply their knowledge, and add experience in various progressive industries that are in accordance with the competencies possessed by students  

  • Students graduating from high school / vocational / MA equivalent level 12 or those who have graduated (maximum graduates in 2017)
  • Students attend a series of assessments and fill out  CV-Ku Youthmanual feature
  • Students follow the entire Youthmanual assessment series (Premium referral code will be sent to your email)
  • Have good achievements in the academic and / or non-academic fields
  • Having organizational experience and / or having contributed to leading at school / outside school is an added value
  • Not receiving another scholarship.
  • Report cards are scanned by students and inputted through Youthmanual
  • Students are entitled to a scholarship in the form of tuition exemption (UP3, SDP2 and BPP)
  • 2.3 semester scholarships, etc. are stipulated in the student GPA provisions
  • The maximum study period for scholarship recipients is 8 semesters
  • Students who pass this path selection are included in the Featured Scholarship Category with the following conditions:
  1. Free of all initial education costs (UP3, SDP2 and BPP)
    - Education Participation (UP3) Money
    - Educational Development Fund Donation (SDP2)
    - Educational Implementation Costs (BPP)
  2. For the next semester fees are determined based on the minimum IPS (Semester Achievement Index) 3.50 at the end of each semester.
  3. If IPS is less than 3.50, students must pay the next semester BPP provided that:
    i. 3.25 ≤ IPS <3.50: 25% of BPP
    ii. 3.00 ≤ IPS <3.25: 50% of BPP
    iii. IPS <3.00: 100% of BPP4.
  4. If in the next semester IPS is ≥ 3.50, the full tuition fee will be released
  5. Maximum study period of 8 semesters (S1)
  6. This scholarship does not include Dormitory + Insurance fees of IDR 4,150,000
  • Programs to choose from:
S1 Visual Communication Design
S1 Industrial Design (Lifestyle & Design Environment)
S1 Product Design
S1 Interior Design
S1 Craft
S1 Fashion Design
S1 Creative Arts (Painting, Photography & Film, Intermedia)
S1 Informatics Engineering
S1 Information Technology
S1 Software Engineering
Required Document:
  • Scan KTP / Passport
  • Scan proof of academic or non-academic achievements
  • Scan report card values
  • Other files will be further informed for students selected to receive the Youthmanual x Telkom University scholarship
How to Apply:
Selection Process: REGISTRATION (Jan. 8'19 - Feb. 15'19)
  • Participants who have completed the assessment will get complete information about the test procedures and test material (in accordance with the study program of interest) via Email. Participants will be given a Telkom SMB URL, then log in to access lesson test material. on February 22, 2019
  • 20 selected students will enter the interview process online either via telephone or video call by the Telkom University and Youthmanual team on February 26-28 2019
  • Announcement of participants who received the Scholarship will be announced via social media, e-mail, and contacted directly by Youthmanual and Organizers on March 6, 2019.

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