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[Bachelor Degree] University of Islam Indonesia - Duafa Scholarshp (Fully Funded)

PSB is a pattern of selection of prospective students through selection of academic and talent achievements. All study programs accept new students through the PSB selection pattern with quota settings and selection determined by the faculty.

The PSB selection pattern consists of four categories, namely:
  • PSB Student Achievement Academic Category
  • PSB Category Student Achievement in the Field of Sports and Art.
  • PSB Duafa Scholarship Category.
  • PSB Priority Category for Disadvantaged, Outermost & Advanced Areas (3T). 

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PSB Duafa Scholarship Category
This category is intended for high achieving students with high academic abilities and needs help with education costs. Specifically for this category, students who are declared accepted are given scholarships in the form of free tuition fees (maximum 8 semesters) and Darma Chess Funds. 

  • Participant who are declared accepted through this category will be subject to an evaluation of achievement each semester (after starting to actively study as UII students), and this scholarship can be revoked if the student does not show the required performance as a scholarship recipient. In the PSB selection pattern for this category, each Bachelor (S1) and Diploma (D3) study program has a quota of 3 (three) students who will be accepted per academic year.
  • Photocopy of high school or equivalent report card that has been legalized by the school provided that the average score is at least 8.5 (eight point five) or equivalent to a minimum average value of 3.40 (three point four zero - Curriculum 2013) in semester 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5;
  • Certificate of Principal stating that the student concerned is ranked in the top 10 (ten) schools in semester 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5;
  • Indonesia Smart Card or Parent / Guardian Income Statement or Not Affordable Certificate issued by the Village / District / Institution Head where parents work that can be verified. If needed, UII will directly examine family conditions;
  • The completed self assessment form. The form can be downloaded through the website;
  • Photocopy of proof of last month's electricity payment (if electricity is available) from parents / guardians.
  • Especially for International Program Applicants must attach the results of an English proficiency test in the form of CEPT from CILACS UII (minimum score of 475), TOEFL®ITP (470), TOEFL iBT (52), or IELTS (5.5).

How to Apply:
  • Perform an online registration process in the admission system ( This process can be done anywhere (do not have to come to the test location):
    • Registrants who do not yet have a Master Identification Number (NIU) are required to obtain NIU UII.
    • Choose the PSB selection pattern online on the "Buy Form" Menu;
    • Choose a study program;
    • Filling in personal data and achievements in accordance with the chosen PSB category (Academic Achievement; Sports and Art Achievement; Duafa Scholarship; or Priority of Disadvantaged Regions, Frontier and Outermost).
    • Get the bill number.
  • Make a payment for the PSB registration fee by stating the bill number. Form payments can be made in all channels served (branch offices, counters at UII, ATMs, and / or Internet banking) by Bank Mandiri, Bank Syariah Mandiri, BPD DIY Bank, Bank Muamalat, and Bank Bukopin.
  • Log in to to fill in the achievement data and print the results of the achievement data independently with color ink.
  • Send via post or submit directly to PMB UII officers the following registration requirements:
    • The results of the PSB form printed in color ink (not black and white);
    • Photocopy of valid self-identification letter, namely: Identity Card / Passport / Student Card / Driving License / Student Certificate from the Principal with a self photograph stamped officially by the school;
    • PSB payment slip;
    • Photocopy of report card that has been legalized by the Principal.
    • Supporting documents required according to the chosen PSB category.
  • On a predetermined schedule, the registrant sees and downloads the announcement of the PSB selection on the site:
    • For non-Education Study Program applicants who are declared acceptable, they can print a Statement of Acceptance Statement.
    • Applicants for the Medical Education Study Program who are declared to pass the first stage of selection can print the First Stage Selection Pass and must then take part in the second selection process (Phase II Exam) according to the specified schedule.

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