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Hanyang University Scholarship 2019 For International Student, South Korea

Hanyang University is the successor of DongA Polytechnic Institute, which was established in 1939 as the first engineering college in Korea. Today, Hanyang is home to more than 32,000 students in 24 colleges and 21 graduate schools. To continue its momentum of progress, Hanyang University has been striving to promote internationalization and consequently, over 1,000 courses instructed in English by about 200 foreign professors are offered every sememster. Efforts such as these have allowed Hanyang to  recruit more than 8,000 international students in total, while boosting relations with about 800 universities  worldwide.
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1. Hanyang International Excellence Awards

  • Scholarship period: 1 semester
  • Award amount: Recipients will receive 70%, 50% or 30% tuition reduction according to the evaluation results.

Scholarship Payment Method

  • Tuition fees must be paid during the payment period, and HIEA will refund the appropriate amount to the recipients.
    *Please turn in TOPIK certificate and a copy of your insurance registration certificate (insurance card) within the scholarship application period. 
  • International Students who have a TOPIK level certificate and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0 for the previous semester.
  • Those who are receiving other scholarships from other organizations, including GKS Scholarship, can’t apply for this scholarship.
  • If you take a leave of absence afterward, you would be disqualified for scholarships.
  • Extra points will be given depending on the TOPIK level.
  • Those who have the Insurance of which period is not expired.

Selection Process
  • 1st step : Document screening
  • 2nd step: Interview (Only for those who pass the first step)

Required Document for the interview: 
  • Certificate of health insurance
    If you don’t submit a valid insurance card or the insurance registration certificate, you will be ineligible for the scholarship.

How to Apply: 
  • Announcement will be made through official homepage of Office of International Affairs.
  • Online application: Every year beginning of March and September.
  • Interview: Every mid-March and mid-September.
Inquiries: OIA 02-2220-2451 
Will open in March 2019

2. Global Korea Scholarship
Monthly allowance 500,000 KRW (12 months) 
  • Must be an international student in Sophomore/Junior/Senior year
    Transfer Student: Those who can submit transcripts for more than 2 semester.
  • Must hold minimum G.P.A. of 80 overall on a 100 scale
  • Must hold G.P.A. 80 or above on a 100 scale from the previous semester
  • Must hold TOPIK level 4 or above
You may not apply for this scholarship - If you are receiving other scholarships from other organizations which provides you with living expenses more than 300,000KRW a month
5)May duplicate with HIEA (Hanyang International Excellence awards)
Selection Process: Document screening by NIIED
  • Application
  • Copy of passport
  • Certificate of studentship, Transcript
  • Self introduction, Study Plan
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Documentary evidence of activities
  • (TOPIK certificate level 4 and higher, official scores from the English competence test such as TOEFL, TOEIC, voluntary works, record of awards etc.)

How to Apply:
Check the announcement and visit the OIA to apply 
Announcement will be made through official homepage of NIIED on February every year
Person in Charge: OIA 02-2220-2447 
Fore more information about GKS Scholarship please visit HERE

3. TOPIK Scholarship 
1)Admission fee: KRW 40,000 from level 3
2)Scholarship: KRW 190,000 at the acquirement of level 4 or above (refer to Application Criteria)

Scholarship includes the admission fee(KRW40,000).  

  • Foreign student who is currently enrolled for a degree program and obtained a TOPIK certificate after the admission.
  • Student who is on a leave of absence OR student who extended his/her study in undergraduate level OR graduate student is excluded.
  • Can be benefited along with other scholarships from the university
Application Criteria
  • Admission fee will be provided regardless of the result of examination. Applicants must register for the higher level than their former level obtained. Beginner level is not included.
  • The scholarship will be provided in the case of acquirement of higher level certificate. Level 6 holder can be benefited in the case of their certificates are already expired or having less than 5 months to the expiration date of their certificates.
Application Documents (After the test)
  • TOPIK certificate, copy of a bank account, TOPIK certificate obtained before(only for holder), a copy of the health Insurance
Inquiries: OIA 02-2220-2451
08 February 2019 
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