Friday, February 1, 2019

Imagine Europe Idea Contest 2019 Worldwide

Imagine Europe is an idea contest inviting everyone, of all ages & nationalities, to present their vision of Europe in 2050 in a short written and video-recorded pitch. The contest is presented by a series of European Partners and has received initial funding under the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Imagine Europe aims to encourage persons of all ages and nationalities:
  • To reflect on possible solutions to issues of high concern to Europe and the world community;
  • To contribute to the future development of the European Union
  • To communicate their ideas in powerful ways in order to inspire an increasing number of people to participate in the European Public Sphere.

Imagine Europe further aims to:
  • To contribute to the strengthening of the European public sphere which can help to protect and foster our common good;
  • To strengthen the link between citizens and decision-making structures;
  • To foster young people’s interest in the debates at the European Parliament;
  • To motivate participants to strengthen their awareness of important social achievements by their predecessors and to become familiar with important European and world literature;
  • To give young people the opportunity to practice their writing, rhetorical and presentation skills.

Winners of the contest will be determined through public, Jury and online voting.
  • Online voting counts for 20%
  • Public Voting will take place in different cities in Europe
  • and will count for 40%
  • Jury Voting will count for 40%

Winners shall be announced in June 2019. 5 participants will win 500 € each. They will receive their prizes and will be invited to international workshops starting from June 2019. All travel, accommodation and subsistence costs will be covered by Imagine Europe. Winner will be invited to present their pitch in front of European decision- and change-makers with whom they will have the chance to debate their ideas.

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  • At least 5 participants will win 500 € each
  • The winners will be invited to an international workshop with European decision-makers and change-makers.
  • The dates of the international workshop(s) will be set in accordance with winner’s availabilities.
  • All travel, accommodation and subsistence costs will be covered


  • Participation is open for everybody worldwide (all nationalities, no age limits).
  • Participants must declare that the work submitted does not infringe any third party’s rights such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets including musical composition or performance rights, video rights or image rights.
  • Participants must declare that all visible participants in the video have acknowledged the present terms and conditions and consented to the video being displayed and broadcasted publicly. In case minors are visible, their parents must have acknowledged the present terms and conditions and agreed to their children appearing in the video.

28 February 2019

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