Thursday, March 21, 2019

[Bachelor Degree] Amanah Takaful Terbina Scholarship 2019, Indonesia

Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.
Hello Student Friend
Are you in class XI and aspire to continue your education to PTN?
This year Amanah Takaful again opens the opportunity for you to join the Terbinsa Scholarship Program.

Terbina Scholarship (BEST) Scholarship program for 100 high school / equivalent class XI students in Jadebotabek and Lampung from poor families (dhuafa), including education funding assistance and Islamic character building programs.


  • High school / equivalent class XI students (when registering) Domiciled in Jadebotabek and Lampung
  • Come from poor families (Dhuafa)
  • Not married
  • Average report card minimal 7.00
  • Do not smoke
  • Not receiving another scholarship
  • Aspiring to continue their education to PTN
  • Physically and mentally healthy

Document Required:
  • Online Registration Form
  • Statement not smoking and not receiving another scholarship download bellow
  • Parent / guardian ID card (mother is preferred)
  • Student Card / KTP (if any)
  • Family card
  • Certificate as active students and had average report card minimal 7.00 

How to Apply:
Please Download
Non-Smoker Statement> 
Statement Not Receiving Other Scholarships>

08 April 2019

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