Friday, March 22, 2019

Scientific Competition of Water Resources 2019 by PUPR (Wins Total 70 Million IDR)

In order to develop interest in writing scientific papers, explore intellectual potential and critical sensitivity to love in the field of Water Resources and play a role in preparing young and achiever young people, Research Center for Water Resources, Research and Development Ministry of Public Works organizes the Scientific Field Competition (LKI) Water Power (SDA) for national high school / vocational / MA students. In 2019 this is the XII IFI which takes the theme "Healthy Water for All"

The theme of this scientific competition is "Healthy Water for All"

  • Appropriate technology for the provision of clean water in disasters.
  • Simple, inexpensive and local wisdom-based clean water supply technology
  • The role of government policies and regulations as a form of protection of water resources management in Indonesia
  • The role of the community in efforts to conserve water resources for the availability of water.

  • The contestants are students of class X and XI, must be in groups or a maximum of 3 (three) people
  • Competition Terms and Conditions
  • Each SMA / SMK / MA may send more than 1 (one) title
  • The included paper has never won another scientific work competition at the national or international level.
  • The final will be held in the commemoration of 2019 World Water Day in the Ministry at the end of April 2019 (tentative) in Jakarta
  • All transportation and accommodation costs for the Finalist Team (top 10) are borne by the organizer.

How to Apply:

  • Participants must submit a paper consisting of 1 (one) original paper and 1 (one) copy paper, along with CD softcopy in MS Word / PDF format by attaching:
    • Personal data
    • Copy of student card
    • Cover letter from the Principal
  • Hardcopy is sent via post / other shipping service to
    "Panitia LKI Bidang Sumber Daya Air untuk siswa SMA/SMK/MA Tingkat Nasional XII Tahun 2019 d/a Bandung SDK Puslitbang SDA Kementerian PUPR Jl Ir. H. Juanda No. 193 Bandung 40135"
  • In addition to by post, participants are required to submit paper copies, personal data, student cards and cover letters from the Principal to the e-mail address:

Via Post 13 April 2019
Via Email 18 April 2019

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