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International Youth Exchange Program (PPAN) and Nusantara Youth Ship (KPN) 2020 by Kemenpora, Bali - Indonesia

Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia (PCMI) Bali is a forum for alumni of the delegation of the Province of Bali in the International Youth Exchange Program (PPAN) and Nusantara Youth Ship (KPN).

To be able to join the Bali PCMI, one must first follow a series of selections and qualify as the main delegation to represent the Province of Bali in PPAN and KPN. This selection was carried out in collaboration with the Bali Provincial Youth and Sports Office and Bali's PCMI.

Once elected, all Bali provincial delegations will be prepared to participate in the PPAN and KPN programs together with other provincial delegations in Indonesia.

  • Indonesian citizens who are devoted to God Almighty, loyal and obedient to the Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Has carried out community development in various fields as evidenced by reports, photographs, media coverage, and others. This proof can be attached to the page after the CV.
  • The age of prospective PPAN participants when proposed by the Department of Youth and Sports is, as follows:
    • Australian Indonesian Youth Exchange (PPIA): ages 21-25 years (1 man);
    • The ASEAN-Japanese Youth Ship / The Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP) age: 16-30 years (1 man);
    • Kapal Pemuda Nusantara (KPN) (1 man and 1 woman) age: 18-25 years.
  • Physically and mentally healthy, no smoking, drug-free proven by the results of a complete Medical Check Up (MCU). (Only selected candidates will be sent to Kemenpora)
  • Candidates in rank 1 (main delegation) must pass the psychological interview test that will be carried out by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
  • Minimum educated high school / high school.
  • Not Married.
  • Having an insight into nationalism and patriotism as well as extensive knowledge of national and international issues (will be seen through limited interviews).
  • Prospective PPAN participants must be able to communicate in English both verbally and in writing with a minimum competency score in one of the English language proficiency test systems (not the TOEFL Prediction Test) as follows:
    • a. TOEFL: Paper-based = 500 (Minimum score)
    • b. TOEFL: Computer-based = 173 (Minimum score)
    • c. TOEFL: Internet-based = 61 (Minimum score)
    • d. IELTS = 6 (Minimum score)
    • e. TOEIC = 600 (Minimum score)
  • Have never followed PPAN / KPN organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
  • Mastering one of the arts / culture of Bali
  • Has never been involved in a criminal act and or was sentenced based on a court decision, evidenced by a Police Record Certificate (SKCK). (Only selected candidates will be sent to Kemenpora)
  • Is an active BPJS Health participant, as evidenced by the JKN-BPJS Card or the Healthy Indonesia Card (KIS). (Only selected candidates will be sent to Kemenpora)
  • Able to communicate effectively, own and use social media accounts such as E-Mail, Whats App, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  • Willing to do / continue the Post Program Activity (PPA) in various fields (social activities, arts and culture, entrepreneurship, sports, etc.) at the provincial, national or international level. Furthermore, participants must report the PPA to the Dispora and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
  • Prospective participants with disabilities who do not need a companion can participate in the selection of the Australia Indonesia Exchange Program (PPIA) according to the requirements above.

How to Apply:
For PPAN apply HERE
For KPN apply HERE


08 April 2020


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