Friday, July 12, 2019

[Master and PhD Degree] Indonesian Education Scholarship (BPI) LPDP Batch 2 2019 For Indonesian (Fully Funded)

Indonesian Education Scholarship, hereinafter abbreviated as BPI, is a scholarship program organized by the Government of Indonesia through LPDP, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia in the context of financing education in the country or abroad

Indonesian Education Scholarships consist of several types of Scholarships as follows:

General Scholarships, including:
  • Regular Scholarships
  • Specialist Scholarship
  • Scholarship for the World's Top Ranking Universities
  • Dissertation Scholarship
Affirmation Scholarships, including:
  • Regional Scholarship Affirmations
  • Bidikmisi Alumni Scholarship
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Santri Scholarship
  • International Sports Achievement Scholarships
  • International Art Achievement Scholarships
  • Disabled Scholarships
  • Eastern Indonesia Scholarship
Targeted Group Scholarships, including:
  • Indonesian Lecturer Superior Scholarship (BUDI)
  • PNS / TNI / POLRI Scholarships
  • International Olympic Scholarships
Regular Scholarships are scholarships managed by LPDP intended for citizens of the Republic of Indonesia to pursue a master and doctoral level of education.
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Benefit and Requirement:
Each type of scholarship has different terms and conditions. A guidebook, examples of certificate formats, and a list of destination colleges can be downloaded HERE.

How to Apply:Registration is done online by filling out the registration form and uploading all the complete documents on the LPDP official website at


10 September 2019

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