Monday, November 2, 2020

[Bachelor Degree] Shizuoka University (ABP) Asia Bridge Program Scholarship 2021, Japan

Shizuoka University's Asia Bridge Program (ABP) offers an undergraduate (bachelor's degree) program and a master's degree program. In the undergraduate program, candidates are recruited from India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam for an overseas or in-Japan admissions screening process. The ABP undergraduate curriculum provides all first-year students with an initial six months of intensive Japanese language training which prepares them to study in their major fields with Japanese students. In the master's degree program, students from the 16 designated Asian regions and countries study at the Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology. The degree is offered in English, and the students are trained to be the world's top scientists and engineers.
Shizuoka University holds an entrance examination for international students from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of Indonesia, the Kingdom of Thailand, the Republic of India, and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar who are enthusiastic about being active globally and contributing to social innovation. After enrollment in October 2020, ABP (Asia Bridge Program) students will intensively study basic subjects (Japanese, Mathematics, etc.) for the first six months. Then they will start taking liberal arts and specialized subjects in each faculty together with Japanese students and graduate in four years. The classes in the program will basically be conducted in Japanese.


Entrance examination fees and enrollment fees will not be collected. Tuition will not be collected for the first year. Furthermore, tuition for the second through fourth years will have 50% or 100% of the totals waived depending on student performance. In addition to tuition, other required expenses may arise

Application Qualifications:

Applicants must meet all the conditions below.
  • Applicants may not hold Japanese citizenship. Otherwise, they must plan to renounce their Japanese citizenship by the time of enrollment. (Applicants who hold Japanese citizenship must contact the admissions office regarding renouncing procedures before applying. See Page 9 for the contact information.)
  • Applicants must hold citizenship in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of Indonesia, the Kingdom of Thailand, the Republic of India, or the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
  • Applicants must be able to obtain an appropriate resident status that allows their enrollment to the university as per the Japanese Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
  • Applicants must meet one of the conditions below:
    • Applicants must have completed 12 years of school education in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of Indonesia, the Kingdom of Thailand, or the Republic of India; or must have completed the Senior High School Level Education (aahtaattaann aasaint panyarrayy) in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar or the former Union of Burma (including those who expect to complete said education by September 30, 2021). Otherwise, the Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology must have designated applicants as a person who meets this standard.
    • Applicants must have passed an examination in their home country that confirms that they have the academic ability equivalent or greater to (1) above, and they must turn 18 years old by September 30, 2021.
    • Applicants must hold an International Baccalaureate diploma granted by the International Baccalaureate Organization, a foundation based on the Swiss Civil Code.
    • Applicants must hold an Abitur diploma, recognized as a qualification for university admission in the states of the Federal Republic of Germany.
    • Applicants must hold a Baccalaureate diploma, recognized as a qualification for university admission in the French Republic.
    • Applicants must hold a General Certificate of Education, Advanced Level (hereinafter referred to as “GCE A-Level”), recognized as a qualification for university admission in the United Kingdom.
  • Applicants must have spent no longer than three years of total time enrolled in Japanese secondary schools (equivalent to junior high school and senior high school) during their 12 years in school education or an equivalent course of study. If applicants were enrolled in an international school in Japan, or a school that conforms to the Japanese education system in a country other than Japan, that period of enrollment will be treated equivalently to being enrolled in a Japanese school.
Application Requirements:
  • Applicants must submit their score reports for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) and an English language qualification examinations that they have taken since 10 November 2018. 
  • Applicants may submit a copy of their examination voucher instead of their score report only for the 2nd session of  2020 EJU. In addition, applicants may submit their Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) scores taken since June 25, 2017 instead of their EJU score only for Japanese as a Foreign Language.

How to Apply:
Students who wish to apply should prepare all of the documents listed in guideline in accordance with the prescribed format and submit them through the online application site. The application will be complete after submitting all the documents AND pressing the "Final Submission" button during the application period. If any information has been left out or any falsehoods are discovered, the application may not be accepted
Applications for the Asia Bridge Program entrance examination are all done online. Applicants should apply by following the on-screen directions from the online application website. The online application website will be open only during the application period .  For details, please visit the following website.

Please download the guideline HERE for more Informartion How to Apply and Document Required.

30  November 2020