Sunday, July 14, 2019

International Forum for Future Leaders 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand (Scholarship Available)

International Forum for Future Leaders is a great opportunity for future leaders to improve their leadership skill, exchange and share ideas, also make wider networking by making new friends. There will be an international seminar, conference, focus group discussion, literacy workshop, culture night, and city tour.

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There will be a scholarship for the best applicant. So, don't waste such great opportunity. It is a valuable chance for you to improve your leadership skill. There will be information about scholarship detail. so stay tuned.

there will be further information about this after you register

Requirement:This program is opened for all youth from any nationalities over the world. The participant should be registered as a student/employee and fulfill the following criteria:
  • 17 – 25 years old
  • Has at least intermediate English skill for communication purpose
The following requirements must be submitted by June 22, 2019 through registration link.

Document Required:

Before going to registration link on, the participant has to:
  • 1. Prepare your:
    • scanned Identity Card
    • your recent photo
    • scanned passport (if you don’t have this, you can let it blank on the registration form, but we recommend you to make your passport to attend IFFL 2019).
  • Make an abstract of your paper, choose one of the following theme:
    • Leadership and Qualified Education, or
    • Leadership and Socio-Economic Disparity.
    • Note: The abstract should be no longer than a page.
  • Complete and submit letter of recommendation.
    (Click here to download a reference letter form)
  • Pay the registration fee (IDR30,000/US$5) via bank transfer to bank account under the name Eka Yulianti of 0224200381 (BNI KC Bengkulu) and save the invoice.
  • Upload the twibbon with your best photo on Instagram, or, if you don’t have any, you can post it on any of your social media account (facebook or twitter). Add a caption stating your registration in IFFL and reason why we should choose you to join this program. Make is as creative as possible. Don’t forget to tag on @youlec_id and make sure your account is open to ease us check your photo. You can get the twibbon file on:
Here we give you caption examples:
  • “I, (your name), want to register in International Forum for Future Leaders 2019. Since I am an extrovert person, I can’t wait to make new friends and keep the strong connection with them because being a leader also means to keep good relationship with other, right? So, I am totally ready for IFFL 2019. See you there!”
  • "Leadership and quality education are the things that support each other. I cant wait to share my great idea that may change the world in International Forum for Future Leaders 2019. On order to share my idea, I want to register in IFFL 2019 which I believe that is the best place for future leaders to exchange ideas. Once, I, (your name) am waiting for you to share ideas with me in IFFL 2019".

How to Apply:

After reading this application guideline and complete the requirements, you can go to the registration link on

For further information, you can find us on:
Instagram : @youlec_id
E-mail :
WhatsApp : +6281214386257 (Disa)

22 June 2019