Thursday, June 27, 2019

8th ADB International Skills Forum in Manila, Philippines

Two critical challenges in education and skills development are (i) poor learning despite improved access at all levels of education and (ii) serious skills mismatches despite growing investments in education and training. How can governments address these challenges and how can ADB support the governments? These challenges require innovative solutions in close partnerships among governments, development partners, private sector and civil society organizations. In Asia and the Pacific Region, these challenges are further exacerbated by the demographic changes and technological disruptions.

Developments in artificial intelligence and robotics are seen as major threats to jobs that require routine tasks. There are also growing concerns about rising inequalities and how technology is contributing to greater concentration of wealth among fewer businesses and individuals. On the positive side, technology provides unprecedented opportunities to enhance human capacity and productivity to produce more and better products and services at much lower costs. In an age of disruption and uncertainty, how can education and skills development prepare individuals, companies and countries to become competitive, responsive and relevant?

The 8th ADB International Skills Forum provides an excellent opportunity to policy makers, practitioners, experts and partners from ADB member countries and other regions to exchange and share innovative practices and solutions to address the twin challenges of improving learning for all and reducing skills mismatches.

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While attendance to the event is free, ADB does not cover travel and accommodation expenses of participants.

Objectives :
The forum has four objectives:
  • Showcase transformational practices in K-12, technical and vocational education and training and higher education to ensure learning and employability;
  • Bring together representatives from government, private sector and other development partners involved in education and training to present innovative good practices;
  • Ensure skills development is guided by evidence; and
  • Inspire experts and developing member countries’ (DMC) counterparts and promote collaboration with key stakeholders to incorporate new.

Target participants
  • Policymakers and practitioners in the sector
  • Education specialists, partners, and experts

How to Apply:

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