Saturday, June 15, 2019

AseanReady Bootcamp for 21st-Century Educators, Singapore

4IR is a challenge faced by young people that comprise half of the ASEAN population, yet it's alarming how studies have shown a huge gap in 21st-century skills, crucial in adapting to this changing landscape.

We want to empower youth with 21st-century skills ready for transforming industries in ASEAN. This enables us to be partners in building our region's vision for inclusive socio-economic growth together.
Industry 4.0 is changing the future of work in the Asean region. It's a big challenge to develop 21st-century skills among Asean youth to adapt in this rapidly changing landscape. We invite you to join us in empowering youth as #Aseanready leaders for sustainable development in our region.

This bootcamp is powered by the National Youth Council Singapore

This workshop will be most beneficial to the following:
  • Educators or trainers seeking validation of their competency to design learning environments for 21st-century skills.
  • Teachers-in-training, teachers of primary, secondary, tertiary school students.
  • Anyone interested to gain 21st-century skillsets ready for ASEAN 4.0
  • If you have little or no exposure to topics such as future of work, design thinking, community development, leadership innovation, programming, and technology.
  • If you want to have collaborative learning with fellow educators from ASEAN.

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  • Knowledge of important trends in the region, technology literacy, and how to design learning for 21st-century skills.
  • Practice of leadership tools and design thinking with technology application
  • A verified certificate for professional development from Microsoft to boost your career.  


  • Onsite registration fee (includes a professional certification for your career): USD 150
  • Opt-out: If you do not want to be professionally certified, you may only pay USD 80
  • Fees are EXCLUSIVE of airfare tickets
  • Free dorm accommodation is included and food for workshop dates
  • You are allowed to book for your own hotel 
You are eligible as long as you're an ASEAN citizen between 18-35 years old. 
Proficiency in English communication is required. We will prioritize public school educators
How to Apply:
Please visit HERE for apply