Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Model ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Spin-off 2019 in Malta, Europe

The Model ASEM Spin-off Malta 2019 OpenCall for student participants is out. Model ASEM Spin-off conferences aim at capturing the enthusiasm of students to engage in political simulations at a broader level. The Model ASEM Spin-off conferences are self-organised by students and institutions who aspire to build platforms for young people to exchange perspectives on Asia-Europe collaborations, promote the ASEM Process and build long-term relations between the young people of the 2 continents.

Model ASEM is a simulation of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (FMM) when the Foreign Ministers and Representatives of the 53 ASEM Partners convene. It provides a platform for vibrant political debate and negotiation where students have the possibility to experience first-hand Asia-Europe diplomacy. Each participant will be part of an ASEM Delegation and join role-play exercises and practical trainings to enhance her/his diplomacy, consensus-building and public-speaking skills.

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  • Link students with ASEM Officials on a national level
  • Facilitate capacity-building and fine-tuning of skills in the fields of negotiation, diplomacy and consensus-building
  • Enhance the understanding of Asia-Europe collaboration and the ASEM Process
  • Develop a consensus-based Model ASEM Chair’s Statement

Programme Elements: The project includes 2 parts:
  • Phase 1: Preparatory phase
    Participants will partake in pre-event research as a groundwork for Model ASEM Spin-off edition preparations.
  • Phase 2: Conference
    The participants will partake in Plenary Sessions and ASEM Senior Officials’ Meetings (SOMs) to discuss topics of economic, political and, social, cultural & educational interest. The conference may also entail visits to Diplomatic Missions of other ASEM countries located in the host country to gain in-depth knowledge about the functions of an Embassy, Consulate or High Commission.

  • Enhance your understanding of Asia-Europe collaboration and the ASEM Process
  • Play the role of a Foreign Minister, representing one of the 53 ASEM Partners, and debate political, economic as well as social, cultural and educational issues with your counterparts from Asia and Europe
  • Meet leaders from governments, academia, inter-governmental organisations, diplomats and foreign affairs professionals
  • Gain and develop skills in the fields of negotiation, diplomacy and consensus-building
  • The two Best Delegates will be invited to join the 9 th Model ASEM, which will take place in Madrid, Spain in December 2019 in conjunction with the 14 th ASEM Foreign Ministers‘ Meeting (ASEM FMM14)
  • There is no registration or participation fee for the spin-off event in Malta.
  • Light meals will be provided during the day.
  • Participants not residing in Malta, or based overseas, will be solely responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.
  • The two Best Delegates will be provided with travel subsidy, accommodation and meals to participate in the 9 th Model ASEM in Spain.

  • Citizens of any of the 51 Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Partner countries (Iclude Indonesia and Pakistan)
  • University students from all levels (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral) and all disciplines, between the ages of 18-30, with a sincere interest in international relations
  • The conference will be conducted in English only, and therefore requires strong verbal and written command of English by all participants

How to Apply:
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