Sunday, July 7, 2019

Call for Volunteer - World Indonesia Scholarship Festival 2019, The Biggest Scholarship Event In Indonesia

WISH (World Indonesia Scholarship) is an annual NON PROFIT Activity Site collaboration & Contribution of various parties, WISH facilitates collaboration between ideas / programs / activities / scholarship preparation activities from various parties, especially contributions from stakeholders in the education & scholarship ecosystem that has resources supporting power. This activity aims to increase the possibility of collaboration with various domestic and foreign stakeholders in order to enlarge & expand the impact of the scholarship program initiative for the Indonesian people.

WISH (World Indonesia Scholarship) is the first largest scholarship activity in Indonesia, which brings together hunter scholarships, awardees, communities / organizations, scholarship providers to governments that are concerned with scholarship and education. The whole series of WISH activities are the result of the joint work of various Community and Educational Organizations and Communities in Indonesia: Indonesian Scholarship Network (ISN), Garuda Eyes LPDP, Indonesian Scholarship Community, Scholarship Friends, Indorelawan, Globalizing Indonesia and organizations / communities others who care about improving the quality of human resources in Indonesia through Scholarship preparation programs.

WISH was first held in August 2018 under the name WISH Forum 2018, and managed to attract more than 25,000 Indonesian people to be involved in these activities from various provinces, and in 2019, WISH expanded the scope of its program to 21 cities, one of which was in BALI

The 2019 World Indonesia Scholarship (WISH) Festival will be present as "SCHOLARSHIP OF NATIONAL SCHOOL OF SCHOLARSHIP COMMUNITIES" with a series of activities as follows:

  • SCHOLARSHIP FORUM (Scholarship Forum in 21 Cities with Local Government, Central Government, Scholarship Institutions, N.G.O / Community and Related Stakeholders)
  • SCHOLARSHIP WORKSHOP & SEMINAR (Solving MURI RECORDS: Scholarship Training with the MOST Amount in Indonesia in series in 21 Cities)
  • SCHOLARSHIP SUPERMENTOR (Inspiring Talk & Mentoring scholarships contributed by Scholars Alumni from around the World in 21 Cities in Indonesia)
  • SCHOLARSHIP SHORT MOVIE & VLOG COMPETITION (5 minute video competition to campaign for the Scholarship Literacy National Movement)
  • SCHOLARSHIP RUN * (The combination of the concept of running sports with enthusiasm in pursuing scholarships. Selected finisher will receive prizes in the form of: scholarships) - Special Events in Jakarta
  • SCHOLARSHIP AMBASSADOR * (Selection of Scholarship Ambassadors in Indonesia) - Special Events in Jakarta
  • SCHOLARSHIP AWARD * (The highlight of the WISH2019 event - Award for scholarship institutions in Indonesia) - Special Events in Jakarta
World Indonesian Scholarship (WISH) Festival is a Social Event with a Scholarship Issues and Development for Indonesian people.
For Friends of Volunteers who are willing to contribute to the committee part of the 2019 WISH 
Festival Volunteer Team, can register through;

This activity is a FESTIVAL activity & FORUM THE LARGEST INDONESIA WORLD SCHOLARSHIP in Indonesia !! one of which will be held in Bali. AYO CONTRIBUTES to be part of the History of this Activity.


  • Opportunities to Participate in the SCHOLARSHIP CAMPAIGN Program (Foreign Language Training Program & Scholarship Guidance for FREE)
  • NETWORKING to Scholarship Providers in Indonesia
  • MENTORING SCHOLARSHIP from Networking Scholarship Recipient Alumni
  • EXPERIENCE to be a Scholarship Organizing Festival & Forum Team The BIGGEST Indonesia in Indonesia
  • CERTIFICATE of the 2019 World Indonesia Scholarship (WISH) Committee


The WISH Festival 2019 Volunteer Team is open to:
Students / Alumni / Employees / Journalists / Social Workers

How to Apply:
Please visit HERE for applying

Contact Person:

Adhitya - 087870954359
Fadhli - 082112400301

Varies each region (last 31 August 2019)