Thursday, February 4, 2021

[Bachelor Student] Online Internship by Detikcom Batch 2, Indonesia

Successfully followed by thousands of registrants in the first batch, Online Internship detikcom is back for you students all over Indonesia. Detikcom online internship is an activity to accommodate experiences and support student skills learning. Later, students will have the opportunity to work internships at detikcom and get to know more about the media and journalistic creative industry.

50 Participants who were selected and successfully participated in the detikcom Online Internship program until the end of the Internship period, will get the following benefits:

  • Online Internship Certificate detikcom
  • Internship referencee at detikcom
  • the best detikcom online apprentice chosen by the detikcom online apprenticeship committee will be given an incentive of Rp. 10,000,000, -
  • Participants must fill out the form completely according to the actual data.
  • Participants must follow Instagram and Facebook likes on the @detikcom and @dyouthizen accounts.
  • Participants are active students aged 17-22 years.
  • Have an interest in an internship / practical work for 2 months at detikcom.
  • Active in organizations and has a high morale.
  • Creative, active on social media, and understands the development of the digital world.
  • Detikcom Online Interns will do their work from their respective places (without the need to go to the office).
  • Have an interest in content creation, including articles, photos, videos, designs and other creative activities.
  • Selected participants will be contacted by detikcom via email or telephone.
  • By registering for the detikcom online internship, you have consciously understood and obeyed the terms & conditions set.
  • All decisions of the detikcom Online Apprenticeship Committee are absolute and cannot be contested.
How to Apply:
Please visit HERE for applying


08 February 2021


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