Thursday, February 4, 2021

FHCI - BUMN Certified Student Internship Program 2021, Indonesia

This program is open to all universities in Indonesia. Higher education institutions that have not joined and are interested in participating can send an Application for Cooperation with the aim of the General Chairperson of FHCI, up. Executive Director of FHCI and sent via email for further follow up by FHCI. The letter format is adjusted to the provisions applicable in each university.

SOE Providing Internship Position:
Sourced from the official website of PMMB FHCI, there are 146 BUMNs that have received internships through this program. check HERE

General Requirement:
  • Students of D2 / D3 / D4 / S1 / S2,
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75,
  • Physically and mentally healthy,
  • Non Pre-Recruitment,
  • Willing to carry out apprenticeship activities at the company for at least 6 months.
Minimum requirements for Semester 7 (S1) and Semester 5 (D3) However, it does not rule out the possibility for Semester 5 (S1) and 3 (D3) students on condition that students commit to undergoing 6 months of full-time internships.

Special Requirements:
  • Graduated Selection from Higher Education,
  • College Suggested,
  • Integrity Pact (Letter of Agreement Willing to Apprentice for 6 Months) obtained through Higher Education,
  • CV (Curriculum Vitae),
  • Academic Transcripts,
  • SKCK or Letter of Good Conduct Issued by Higher Education,
  • SKTM (Certificate of Inability) - optional.

How to Apply:
Students can apply to the Carrier Center Unit or the Student Affairs of their respective Higher Education, where the College is already registered in the Certified Student Internship Program.

12 February 2021

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