Friday, July 12, 2019

YOUCAN Social Expedition #5 in Labuan bajo and Entikong, Indonesia (Fully Funded)

YOUCAN SOCIAL EXPEDITION is a cross-disciplinary community service program that is open to the public with the aim of facilitating youth who are committed to developing themselves in community empowerment and making a real positive contribution to society. YOUCAN Social Expedition # 5 invites Indonesian youth to jointly provide principles to 3T regions in Indonesia so that they can open insights on Indonesia's essential wealth, increase the love of the country, practice leadership and independence and develop themselves in community empowerment and make positive contributions real for the community.


  • Participants
    • Can increase the awareness and social sensitivity of participants to common problems and a sense of simplicity and thanks to the conditions bestowed by God.
    • Can form a personality by honing tenacity, work ethic, a sense of responsibility, and highlighting leadership, entrepreneurship, and independence attitudes.
  • Society
    • Improving the Human Development Index through improving the quality of human resources with an integrated approach in the fields of education, economics, health, also accompanied by local wisdom.
    • Strengthen the sense of brotherhood as fellow human beings and continue to fuel hopes for a better standard of living
    • Upholding the principle of learning society and learning community for rural communities to have a competitive advantage in competing, both nationally and globally.
    • Helping the relevant government agencies, such as the Education Office, Health Office, and other agencies to provide empowerment programs to the village community.


Facilities received by program participants are:
  • Transportation to the service area from Jakarta for YSE # 5 Entikong or Surabaya for YSE # 5 Labuan Bajo
  • Transportation during implementing the program
  • Accommodation
  • Consumption
  • Facilities and infrastructure needed to implement the program
  • Training and education before the implementation of the program
  • Assistance with program implementation by experienced parties
  • Welcoming ceremony by local people
  • Certificate of participation and appreciation
  • Uniform and empowerment kit
  • Licensing and security
  • Insurance


  • The ability to show commitment to the principles of volunteerism and Pancasila.
  • The ability to serve and contribute to the destination
  • Good interpersonal skills, communication and relationship building skills.
  • Ability to work together in flexible teams, excellent networkers and strong leadership.
  • Independence, initiative and commitment to contribute to society

How to Apply:
  • Read Program Info
    • Read program info and systematically register on the website carefully, independently and proactively.
  • Make and Upload Twibbon
    • Make twibbon using the application which can be accessed at or if you have difficulty using you can create it manually with png files that you can download at http: //www.bit .ly / pngtwibbonyse5
      Then upload your twibbon on Instagram or Facebook with the caption:
      “Hallo! Saya...... siap untuk mengabdi bersama YOUCAN Social Expedition 5 di (Labuan Bajo, NTT / Entikong, Kalbar). Saya memiliki asa untuk berkontribusi kepada Bumi Pertiwi dan dengan program ini, Saya akan..... (di isi semenarik mungkin) #Indonesia #labuanbajo #entikong #socialvolunteer #fullyfunded” 
      Then upload it on your social media account and tag 10 of your friends
  • Sharing YSE # 5 Program Publication Info
    • Sharing activity information to a minimum of 10 groups on owned social media. Share of publications can be done by:
      Click the link and select your 10 WhatsApp groups
      Open the Official YOUCAN Line at the link -> Share the publication program YOUCAN Social Expedition # 5 to 10 Line Groups 
  • Sending Registration and Donation Fees
    •  Submit a registration and donation fee of Rp. 100,000, - via bank transfer to Bank Mandiri (Bank Code: 008) 1370023059203 an Youth Center to Act for Nations Foundation
  • Fill in the Registration Form
    • Fill out the registration form at by uploading the registration file, which is a screenshot of proof of publication, twibbon screenshots and proof of payment for registration fees and donations before 11 August 2019 at 23.59 WIB
11 August 2019

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