Monday, August 12, 2019

International Student Week In Pakistan (Funded)

Diversity, Inclusiveness, Evolution. International Student Week is the manifestation of such ideas through practical steps and through sharing of ideas in a most favourable environment. After successful conducts around the world, we are introducing the FIRST EVER face of the famous umbrella in Pakistan. ISWiP team was inspired by International students’ festival in Trondheim and Greifswald International students’ festival (GrIStuF). Attending them provoked the idea of hosting a similar conference, which is full of valuable cultural experience and entertainment, in Pakistan. The very determined and motivated team wants to bring students from all around the globe to visit Pakistan and discuss the very interesting global topics. Moreover, they want the students to get to know about each other’s cultures, norms, ethnicities, religions and different perspectives. This conference is all about embracing and accepting diversity.

This time, the theme for ISWIP is ‘ Diversity Beyond Perception’. While many countries across the world successfully transitioned into establishing diverse culture and societies, many still lacks behind. One of the core reasons behind the ISWIP was to debate this aspect of diversity with the representatives of global youth to discuss the challenges posed by the perception’s and how it affects our response to the diversity around us.

ISWIP will last from 27th October to 3rd Nov 2019. We have scheduled workshops where the best of their area will mentor you, we have lined up interactive sessions with youth icons, we have arranged cultural nights to exchange our diversity with each other and to explore our country, we have arranged inland trips. This is just tip of the “iceberg of fun” and learning that you will experience with us. We are looking forward to make it a memorable experience for all of honourable participants. Connecting ourselves with SoRcE and becoming a part of such a prestigious body is a responsibility of delivering the best and we have our eyes set to achieve this goal.


  • A week full of multi cultural exposure with young minds from all over the world.
  • Workshops on Film, Photography, Ethics, Oceanography
  • City Trips to Walled City, World Food Bazaar and Wagah Border
  • There are no registration fees. Accommodation and three meals will also be provided by the host team for free!


All students enrolled in Bachelors or Masters degree program
How to Apply:
09 October 2019


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