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[Bachelor Student] RIPS 2021 International Summer Internship in the United States, LA (Fully Funded)

The Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) -Los Angeles program provides an opportunity for talented undergraduates studying math, computer science, and related disciplines to work in teams on real-world research projects proposed by sponsors from industry or the public sector. The student team, with support from their academic mentor and industry mentor, will research the problem and present their results, both orally and in writing, at the end of the program. The RIPS program is nine weeks, and we expect to have nine projects.

The REU program is nine weeks. IPAM provides each undergraduate student with a travel allowance and a stipend of $3,500. Housing and most meals are also included.

RIPS-LA students will live in residence halls on the UCLA campus and will work at IPAM. We expect to have nine projects. The project sponsors are announced in March. Projects vary, but all involve some math, statistics, data, and computing.

Travel (airfare or mileage reimbursement) to IPAM is covered, subject to certain rules and limits. Housing in the dorms is included. Most meals are covered as well. In addition, participants receive a stipend of $3500.

  • RIPS is a program for students who are enrolled in or have just completed an undergraduate (bachelors) degree. 
    • Recent graduates who have received their degree no earlier than December 2020 may apply for RIPS 2021. 
  • Students with a strong background in mathematics and an interest in seeing how mathematics is used in the real world are encouraged to apply. 
  • Most of the projects have a significant computational component, so that proficiency (or at least some experience) in computer science, data analysis or numerical computation is valuable, but not necessary for everyone. 
  • Competition is high for the limited slots available. International students are eligible to apply for RIPS-LA, as are graduating seniors. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the program. Please see the FAQ page for more information.


  • I am a foreign student studying in the United States; am I eligible to participate?
    • Yes, your application will be considered for RIPS-LA. If you are a full time student at your current institute and plan on returning to that institution full-time after the summer, you will already be on an F-1 visa, in which case you will have to register for “Curricular Practical Training” (CPT) through your home institution. “Optional Practical Training” (OPT) students are acceptable, but it is up to the students to determine whether they are compliant with US government guidelines. Please check with your school to confirm that you are eligible for a CPT before you apply to RIPS.
  • I am not a US citizen and I attend a foreign university; am I eligible to participate?
    • Yes, your application will be considered for RIPS-LA. You must be the equivalent of an undergraduate student enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program. If you are chosen to participate, UCLA will sponsor your J-1 visa.

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12 February 2021

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