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[Master Degree] Doha Institute For Graduate Studies (DI) Scholarship, Qatar 2020 (Fully Funded)

​​​​The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) is an independent institute for learning and research in the fields of Social Sciences, Humanities, Public Administration and Development Economics in Doha.

The DI is premised on four interrelated values in accordance with its mission:​
  • Arab Contribution to Knowledge Production
    Integrating cross-disciplinary learning and research
  • Commitment to Academic Standards
    Informed by the latest developments in social sciences, humanities, public administration and development economics
  • Intellectual Responsibility and Critical Awareness
    A new generation of intellectuals committed to Arab societies
  • Space for Intellectual Independence
    Knowledge and scientific methodology as the basis for freedom of thought
Programs of study are offered at the master’s degree level in three schools: the School of​ Social Sciences and Humanities, the School of Public Administration and Development Economics​ and the School of Psychology and Social Work.​ In addition, the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies​ at the DI, offers a master's in Conflict Management and Humanitarian Action.
Doha Institute for Graduate Studies offers a wide variety of scholarships annually to attract academically qualified students from within and outside the State of Qatar. The scholarships vary, some awarded on the basis of merit and academic competition, while others are based on financial need.

Terms and Conditions
  • No student may combine the scholarships of the Institute with any other scholarship whatever the source thereof.
  • Only students who have a good academic standing continue to benefit from the Institute's scholarships. The Institute may, In accordance with its procedures withdraw scholarships from students who violate this requirement.
  • The scholarships offered by the Institute shall not benefit the students enrolled in the Executive Masters or Diploma programs or specialized certificates.
  • Scholarships offered by the Institute shall not benefit students who have previously benefited from the same scholarship in a previous period of study in any of the programs of the Institute, whether or not they are awarded a degree.

How to Apply for a scholarship:

All admitted students can apply for a scholarship through the scholarship application form. The Admissions Office sends the application form to all eligible students. Students are given the opportunity to submit the application with all official and required documents.

Scholarship Types:
  • 1) Tamim Scholarship
    These scholarships based on merit and academic excellence. It is dedicated to the most distinguished Qatari and international students in the Arab world. Scholarship include:
    • full tuition fees coverage
    • International students from outside Qatar will benefit from having:
      • free accommodation in institute dormitories,
      • a monthly stipend,
      • health insurance, and
      • two travel tickets from and to home country upon arrival and after graduation.
  • 2) Sanad Scholarship
    These scholarship based on financial needs of students. It is dedicated to Qatari, Residents in Qatar and international students. Scholarship include:
  • covering a program's fees (10 to 100 %). 
  • International students from outside Qatar will benefit from having
    • full tuition fees covered, 
    • in addition to free accommodation in institute dormitories, 
    • a monthly stipend, 
    • health insurance, and 
    • two travel tickets from and to home country upon arrival and after graduation.

21 February 2020

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