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[Bachelor Degree] Japan Exchange and Teaching Program 2020 for Indonesia, Japan

JET is an abbreviation of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program  which is a collaborative project of 3 ministries in Japan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; and the Ministry of Domestic Affairs & Communication with local government organizations to assign youth from various countries as special staff of the local government, provide opportunities to teach foreign languages, sports etc. in junior and senior high schools throughout Japan, and work for exchanges internationally in the local government.

The JET program consists of 3 fields of work but this time the applicants sought from Indonesia were for the CIR - International Relations Coordinator (as many as 3 people) .

(1) Coordinator for International Relations ( CIR: Coordinator for International Relations )
Carrying out tasks in international exchange activities (serving guests coming from abroad, translating printed material in foreign languages, translating at events, assisting and providing input on the planning and design of international exchange activities and their operations) in the department in charge of international exchange in government organizations area.

(2) Assistant Language Teacher ( ALT: Assistant Language Teacher )
Carrying the task of directing language lessons (helping Japanese teachers with foreign language lessons) such as in elementary, middle, high school, education committee and others.

(3) Sports Exchange Advisor ( SEA: Sports Exchange Advisor )
Carrying out tasks of international exchange activities through sports (such as assisting in sports coaching) in the department in charge of international exchange in local government organizations.

Applicants who pass the CIR program this time will be placed and served in the following periods.
  • (1) Placement : Promotion and Exchange Division in Higashikawa-cho, Hokkaido (planned)
    Period : From September 13, 2020 (Sunday) for 1 year (there is a possibility to be extended depending on the work)
    Work Content :
    • Manage and plan promotional activities for the purpose of international understanding,
    • Cooperation in managing exchange activities (such as in-bound activities and others),
    • Support for foreign students from Indonesia,
    • Perform oral and document translation when receiving a delegation visit
  • (2)Placement : Multicultural Division, Shizuoka Prefectural Government, Shizuoka Prefecture (planned)
    Period : From September 13, 2020 (Sunday) for 1 year (there is a possibility to be extended depending on the work)
    Work Content :
    • Building relationships with organizations and community leaders who have links to Indonesia,
    • Conduct oral and document translation and provide information or Public Relations, provide assistance to each prefectural division, coordinate with various related organizations, etc.
    • Provide the necessary support for in-bound activities targeting Islamic countries, such as Indonesia,
    • Presentations about culture and life in Indonesia, and introduce Islamic culture to elementary, middle, and high school students
  • (3)Placement : Promotion and Planning Division, Misato-cho, Shimane Prefecture (planned)
    Period : From September 13, 2020 (Sunday) for 1 year (there is a possibility to be extended depending on the work)
    Work Content :
    • Translation of publication material,
    • Support to foreign ( internal ) interns ,
    • Promoting exchanges with Mas Village in Bali,
    • (* preferred for those from Bali (especially Desa Mas)

The requirements for applying are as follows.
  • Indonesian citizens
  • Do not live in Japan more than 6 years after 2010
  • Graduated S1 or who will graduate until September 13, 2020
  • Having practical skills in English and Japanese ( especially in Japanese, there are no obstacles in the work of translation and interpreters: have a level N-1 JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test )
How to Apply:
Applicants are expected to read the Application Guidelines well. After completing the registration form and enclosing all the documents, we must receive all the documents no later than Wednesday, March 18 2020 . Documents sent to:

Information and Culture Section
Japanese Embassy in Indonesia
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 24
Jakarta 10350

Please enter the code " JET-CIR 2020 " on the top left of the envelope
Information regarding the JET program can be seen on the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs homepage: ( ) and the JET homepage: ( http: //www.jetprogramme .org / en / ).

For questions regarding registering this program, please contact:
Japanese Embassy in Indonesia
Information and Culture Section (E-mail: )

Application Guidelines (PDF)
Application Form (DOC)
Application Form Chart Sheet (PDF)
Applicant Self-Report of Medical Condition (DOC)

18 March 2020

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