Saturday, February 15, 2020

[High School] Turkiye Diyanet Fondation International Scholarship 2020 - International Imam Hatip High School Program, Turkey (Fully Funded)

Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı (TDV) is a non-profit social organization founded in 1975. The purpose of establishing this organization is to move with the Ministry of Religion of Turkey to explore and introduce the true identity of Islam and to enlighten the general public in the field of religion social, religious, cultural and educational activities.
Since the establishment of the TDV until now, both inside and outside Turkey have carried out various kinds of educational activities in which all are working with the Turkish Ministry of Religion, the Turkish Ministry of National Education and other organizations.
Especially for activities outside of Turkey, the TDV currently has up to 2,120 students and has graduated 3,890 students in a total of 10 schools in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Romania, Bulgaria and Somalia.
TDV has an important role in the provision of educational scholarships for foreigners in Turkey, which in this case more than 2000 students are currently studying in Imam Hatip High School and Religious Faculty at the university both for S1, S2 and S3 degrees given scholarships by TDV .

The current status of recipients of scholarships in Imam Hatip schools is "Scholarship and Boarding Students of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Turkey". So from here the students of İmam Hatip are in schools that are considered standard state schools in Turkey.
Because the aim of the TDV scholarship must be in accordance with the objectives of the initial establishment of the TDV, this scholarship is given to provide Islamic religious education to Muslims wherever he is and to improve his religious quality.

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  • Free school fees at Imam Khatip High School
  • Flight ticket to Turkey-Your Country round trip every year
  • Free uniforms / clothing and stationery
  • Monthly allowances
  • Annual health insurance
  • Free stay permit
  • Accommodation (dormitory free, meals 3 times a day) and other facilities (wifi, etc.)
  • Free summer and winter camp (contains additional Turkish, Arabic and Quran courses including other sports, swimming and recreational activities)
  • Free extracurricular activities (Qur'an, Turkish, Mathematics, Arabic, Interpretation, Jurisprudence, Hadith, English, etc.)

Applicants for Imam Hatip High School Scholarship Program have to meet the following conditions:
  • Not to be a citizen or not to have a claim to become a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,
  • To be born not earlier than 01.01.2004,
  • To be single (not married),
  • To graduate from a school (secondary or intermediate) equivalent to grade 8 in Turkey with at least a good degree of (70%),
  • Not to be penalized for any disciplinary action during his education in his country,
  • Not having repeated or suspended from the school more than two years without a valid excuse after completing the secondary school,
  • Not having finished primary school in Turkey.
  • Not to have any mental or physical health problem or obstacle to study in Turkey,
  • Families of students must live outside of Turkey.
  • Not to be a refugee and not to live with the family in Turkey.
  • To live his own country where he is a citizen.
  • Those registered in International Imam Hatip High School Program in Turkey and those who finished secondary education in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, will not benefit from the quotas left for Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for undergraduate studies in Turkey.

  • Valid original secondary school diploma (certificate) or a certified copy of the diploma,
  • Secondary education transcript indicating that the student has com-pleted the school with a good degree,
  • Identity card / Passport or certified copy of passport,
  • An official health report indicating that the student does not have any health case interrupting his education in Turkey,
  • 6 passport photographs (4.5 x6 cm in size),
  • Study permit from a Turkish Foreign Mission,
  • Birth Certificate or a certified copy of the birth certificate
  • Parental or guardian consent for the applicant to study in Turkey,
  • Turkish equivalency certificate for secondary school diploma from a representative, consultant or educational attaché or any Turkish qual-ified authority,
 How to Apply:
  • To register for high school scholarships in Turkey by TDV, students can register online on the following link HERE
  • To apply for a scholarship, you must first become a member of the “Diyanet Bursları Yönetim Sistemi” (DBYS) and activate this membership.
  • The membership is completely free and the registration takes about 2 minutes.
  • The correctness of the information you provide when you become a member is important for your acceptance to scholarship programs.
15 March 2020