Monday, February 10, 2020

Summer School at Universitat de Barcelona 2020, Barcelona

This UEA summer school in Spain is specifically for students who are interested in urban economics, including regional and urban policy, real estate, transportation, economic geography, etc. students participating in this summer school will get a chance to learn about the research activities related to such topics.

Students will also get the opportunity to present their own research during the summer school.
Financial Support:
Limited funds available to support students who need financial support. If you would like to apply for such support, please outline your case in your application in a separate section "Financial Support Request". We strongly encourage students to first investigate available travel funding from their own universities.
  • Applicants must be students of the Ph.D. level of studies
  • Applicants must be at least in 2nd year (or further) of their Ph.D. studies 
Required Documents:
  • CV
  • One page description of your Ph.D. Topic in pdf file format
  • A short reference letter from a faculty advisor that describes how the summer school is relevant for your research area and topic (Faculty advisor shall email this separately on the same email by his/her own self)
  • Optional: if a student wants to present his/her own paper during the summer school they should also attach the paper.
  • Applicants shall email the above-mentioned things to
  • Application fee (Financial support available)\Applicants are required to pay a fee worth 150euros.
  • This fee shall cover working lunches, one evening event, and breaks for coffee
  • Some funds are available for students who cannot afford to pay and require financial support. 

How to Apply:
  • Email your CV and a one-page description of the topic of your PhD as one pdf file to with “UEA Summer School 2020, Your Name” in the subject line. 
  • Ask one of your faculty advisors to send a short note to the same email address with the same subject line endorsing your application to attend and noting how it relates to your research interests and dissertation plans. 
  • If you wish to present a paper at the summer school (this is not a requirement to apply), include the paper in the same PDF file as your CV and the one page description of the topic of your PhD. 
  • We consider only papers which are single-authored or co-authored with other PhD students. Abstracts and extended abstracts are not considered.

20 March 2020

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