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[Bachelor Degree] Djarum Beasiswa Plus 2021, Indonesia (Full Scholarship)

Since 1984, the Djarum Foundation has continued to be consistent in contributing to the world of education in Indonesia. This step begins with the awareness that education is one of the efforts to improve the welfare of the people and nation in realizing a better future.

The Djarum Foundation plays an active role in advancing education in Indonesia through a merit based scholarship program known as the Djarum Beasiswa Plus for high-achieving students in Indonesia.

What distinguishes Djarum Scholarship Plus from other scholarship programs is, in addition to getting a scholarship fund for one year, Beswan Djarum (a term for recipients of the Djarum Scholarship Plus program) also receives various kinds of soft skills training to prepare them to become future leaders of the nation. This training includes Nation Building, Character Building, Leadership Development, Competition Challenges, and International Exposure. Not only does it stop here, through the Community Empowerment program, Beswan Djarum is also given the opportunity to apply the various soft skills that have been obtained by engaging directly in providing solutions to social problems in the environment in which they are located.

More than 10,820 outstanding students have become recipients of the program. They come from various educational backgrounds in more than 121 leading universities in all 34 provinces in Indonesia. A proof of the seriousness of the Djarum Foundation in its commitment to building the nation through education.

The Djarum Beasiswa Plus Program is an achievement scholarship that provides opportunities for students from various majors who are pursuing Strata 1 / Diploma 4 study programs in state and private tertiary institutions that have a partnership (in partnership) with the Djarum Foundation.

  • Currently pursuing Strata 1 / Diploma 4 in semester IV, from all disciplines, 
  • a minimum GPA of 3.20 in semester III, and can maintain a minimum GPA of 3.20 until the end of semester IV, 
  • actively participates in organizational activities both on and off campus, 
  • not receiving scholarships from other parties.
Required Document:
  • Evidence of print PDF from the online registration form, 
  • 4 x 6 cm colored photograph, wearing an alma mater jacket (1)
  • Photocopy of Student Identity Card,
  • Transcript of Value up to semester III, which has been legalized by the campus authority, 
  • A copy of Certificate / Certificate of active organization and / or certificate of achievement that is followed / owned,
  • Certificate from the campus (Rector) that is not currently receiving scholarships from other parties (for example for registrants 2021 is from the period September 1 2021 - August 31, 2021).

Requirements for Written test & interview:
  • Student Identity Card,
  • Evidence of a test invitation from Djarum Scholarship Plus (SMS / e-mail), 
  • Bring stationery, 
  • Neatly dressed: alma mater jacket, skirt / trousers, closed shoes.

How to Apply:
  • Please check the list of our partner colleges in the link HERE
  • Registrants register online HERE
  • Registrants send administrative files to the registration committee to the address indicated on the online registration form,
  • Registrants whose files pass administrative requirements will receive invitation to a selection test from Djarum Scholarship Plus via email and SMS. 
  • Djarum Scholarship Plus selection test (conducted in several cities throughout Indonesia), 
  • Djarum Scholarship Plus Announcements can be accessed on the official website as well as through announcements in the Student Affairs Section on campus.

23 May 2021

Get more information about Djarum Scholarship Plus at:
Facebook: Djarum Plus Scholarship
Twitter: @BeswanDjarum
Instagram: @djarumbeasiswaplus

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