Tuesday, April 14, 2020

[Diploma and Bachelor Student] Mindo Campus Scholarship 2020 for Indonesian Student, Indonesia

Mindo Campus is aware that the current conditions are not good especially in terms of economics due to the spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19), for that we from Mindo Campus are an education technology company that provides online lectures for students in Indonesia to participate in reducing economic impact by providing scholarships full to D3 / D4 / S1 level students throughout Indonesia and free access to online education.

  • Scholarship Fee IDR 600,000 / month for 1 full year
  • Free online college tutoring
  • Mentoring outstanding students 

  • This scholarship selection can be attended by D3 / D4 / S1 students in public and private campuses throughout Indonesia.
  • This scholarship registration is open for all majors and all classes (both new students and final level) 

How to Apply:

Please visit HERE for apply

31 May 2020


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