Sunday, May 10, 2020

Post Pandemi Scholarship Program 2020 by Indonesia Scholarship Center, BAZNAS and SEBAF , Indonesia

BPP is a program carried by the Surya Edukasi Bangsa Foundation (SEBAF), the Baznas Scholarship Institute (LBB), and the Indonesia Scholarship Center (ISC). BPP is held as a form of solidarity for domestic children to be able to continue their education amid the impact of the pandemic.
This first phase BPP will be prioritized for the region with the highest pandemic impact in Indonesia, namely JABODETABEK

The amount of assistance for junior high school students is IDR 3.5 million. While SMA / SMK is IDR. 5 million, and Bachelor students are IDR. 5.5 million

The target beneficiaries of the scholarship program are prioritized to:
  • Children of Medical Personnel who have passed away due to Covid-19
  • Children of Parents who have passed away due to Covid-19 (specifically for disadvantaged families)
  • Children of Parents who have an economic impact due to a pandemic (Specifically for Parents who work as: Honorary Teachers, Daily Workers, or in the category of not able to) *. And domiciled in the Greater Jakarta area.
Those who are entitled to receive funding are:
  • Class IX Middle School students who will continue to SMA / K
  • High School / K Class XII students who will continue to Higher Education
  • Bachelor student are active in PTN / PTS with a minimum GPA of 3.00


18 July 2020

How to Apply:
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