Monday, October 26, 2020

[Bachelor Student and High School Student] Indonesian Youth Education Scholarship (PPI) by Event Hunter Indonesia, Indonesia

The Indonesian Youth Education Scholarship (PPI) is a form of support from the Indonesian Hunter Event for the younger generation of the country, especially students at the high school education level (SMA) / equivalent and students at the college or university level. The PPI program is currently aimed at high achieving students and students with economic limitations at this level of education. The hope of this program is that every young person in Indonesia who is still studying can be helped and focus on maximizing their academic potential without being constrained by the cost of education. 
In addition to receiving scholarship funds, PPI scholarship recipients also get soft skills development classes through the Serial Class Skill Development program . Through this class, the recipients of the PPI Scholarship program are intended to harmonize academic achievement (hard skills) obtained in schools and colleges with various soft skills obtained from this program. The goal is for PPI scholarship recipients to become human beings who have quality resources and are capable both intelligently and emotionally. 
  • SMA / SMK / MA / equivalent scholarships. Scholarship recipients will receive a cash education fee subsidy of Rp. 300,000.00 / month per semester.
  • Student Scholarships. Scholarship recipients will receive a cash education fee subsidy of Rp. 600,000.00 / month per semester.
  • Indonesian Hunter Event Ambassador
  • Leadership Class
  • Public Speaking Class
  • Personal Branding Class
  • Serial Class Skill Development Certificate
  • Uniform Exclusive PPI Scholarship
  • Goodie Bag Exclusive PPI Scholarship
  • The opportunity to take part in the Indonesian Hunter Event program both National and International


Please download the guideline HERE for requirement

How to Apply:     
For PPI scholarship registration participants must understand the PPI Scholarship Guide which can be downloaded HERE then fill out the online registration form HERE 
25 November 2020


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