Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Master scholarship in Law Hertie School of Governance, Germany (Full tuition [32,500 EUR])

Hertie School of Governance is a German private university that deals with providing doctoral degrees at Friedrichstra├če Berlin. Half of Students at Hertie School are from overseas, and English language work.

Students Hertie has a legal, economic, political and international relations background and a Master of Public Policy or Master of International Affairs degree. Schools that offer students the opportunity to complete "professional years" in multinational companies, government ministries or international organizations. In addition to this possibility, collaborative research with faculty is highly recommended. The Hertie School also offers the Executive Master of Public Administration.
South West Wing from Hertie School of Governance

The master's scholarships in the law faculty are not open to international applicants. This scholarship is for all law graduates who want their knowledge to be in line with international discipline or information to ideally be ready for a growing challenge.

Where: Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, Germany

Undergraduate Program: Graduate Scholarship in Law

Value: Full tuition (each serving 32,500 EUR) and other benefits

  • Have a great desire in legal studies.
  • Will spend the academic year in Germany
  • Be a student who does his own expenses (living expenses)

How to apply:

To apply for this program, applicants only need to be pursued to enter the school. There are no separate applications for scholarships after you apply for enrollment to school. Please apply for entry HERE

Please see the deadline for the degree program you apply.