Thursday, November 22, 2018

Women’s STEM Award in Deutsche Telekom, German

Deutsche Telekom AG (About this soundlisten); short form in writing only: DT) is a German telecommunications company headquartered in Bonn and by revenue the largest telecommunications provider in Europe. Deutsche Telekom was formed in 1996, as the former state-owned monopoly Deutsche Bundespost was privatised. The company operates several subsidiaries worldwide, including the mobile communications brand T-Mobile.
As of November 2018, the German government holds a 14.5% stake in company stock directly, and another 17.4% through the government bank KfW. The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in a MINT subject
  • Theses on strategic growth areas: Cloud, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security or Networks of the Future

  • It's worth participating. 3,000 euros in prize money await the best (inter)national work
  • In addition, there is 500 euros per growth field for the author of the best work.

17 March 2019

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